Born a Crime…

Review: Born a Crime…


In my latest bid to read at least a book in a month, the scintillating best-seller BORN A CRIME was my latest victim in this bid, which to be honest is not easy at all in between work, novel writing, blogging and finding spiritual truth. But, it has been worth it and this book made me travel, yes I travelled to a country and embedded myself in their culture and also got a wealth of knowledge and experience on why things are the way they are in the country. Without further ado, let us go on the journey together with my thoughts.

Born a Crime is written by a young, funny and sensational entertainer Trevor Noah, I actually got to really follow him this year and in his jokes, you read the elements of truth between the lines. His book further opened my eyes to what South Africa is all about and what it is made of. He took me back to colonial era, who the Afrikaans were, what the colonizers tried to achieve and the power in knowing a man’s language. I saw the same tactics used in Rwanda, playing out in South Africa and my country is not left out. The tactics of the colonizers was simply “Divide and conquer”. Exalt one of the tribes, give them a sense of power and belonging and the other tribes are blinded to the true enemies and fight their brothers and sisters. Trevor explicitly described what Apartheid meant to him as a boy growing up, the power of a good mother who opened his eyes to the world and made him dream. Who not only taught him, but showed him there is so much more out there than meets the eye, much more out there than the apartheid situation was offering and much more to achieve than the opportunities given especially to a black man. Though he was not black, with the segregation he was termed colored, but in his heart, he was black true and true and was attracted to that group. He spoke about growing up in poverty, his mischievous ways (some I can relate with), his father who was white and his step father who was a bully and a woman beater. He spoke of his first date (which was disastrous), his first time in prison which taught him never to step into a prison again, his favourite food and the near-death experience of his mum, saved by a miracle.

He took us on a journey into South Africa that opened me up and taught me something so different from what I had read in the past. Now I really do want to see South Africa and explore everything I had a chance to read in the book. His mum is the true hero of that book if you ask me, and for him to have turned out so good, she deserves some accolades.

I learnt a lot from the book but one thing that will stay with me is that, it is one thing for you to be prepared, it is another thing to really be given the tools to function when the opportunity comes.

I rate it a FIVE star. Something everyone should read. It is hilarious, thought provoking, and it has so many lessons to learn from, it would keep you glued to reading it till you finish. Trevor, you did a great job with this.

P.S Have a wonderful weekend everyone…

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    • His mum’s bf turned husband can best be described as a wolf in sheep clothing, seen as a good man to the rest of the world only those within knew the demon he was. You should finish the book. It is so worth it.. T21


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