The Primaries’ News

The Primaries’ News


Good morning everyone and hope your weekend was great, after such an eventful weekend in Nigeria the rains came down to wash away the events, befitting if you ask me.

So down to business, Atiku emerged winner of the PDP presidential primaries which was keenly contested by heavyweights like Kwakwanso, Tambuwal and Saraki amongst others. According to reports, money was shared to delegates to swing votes and if this is true, it begs the question; Are we truly ready for real democracy? Atiku who has been in politics since 1992 till date, going against Buhari who also should be retired and giving advice from experience gathered, instead both still running for office at their ages, shows we are not ready. It is sad that we have many only interested in their immediate gain and not the future good of the country. Only time will tell.


Over to some seemingly good news. Oby Ezekwesili has officially entered the ring. She has been picked by her party to run for presidency. I see this as a great move, finally people walking the talk. Even with all the bleakness, we have hope that intellectuals like Sowore, Oby, Fela Durotoye, Donald Duke are going in but do they have a chance? That is left to be seen. I would suggest if they really want to make a difference an alliance would be it. Because in our current political climate, going against the incumbent with so much money to spend (embezzled or not) and the PDP with so much money (embezzled or not) with a seemingly corrupt structure down to the grassroot, it would take a whole lot of coming together of the good people to chase away the corrupt lot and bring the change we all so desire. Yes, it can happen if the youths come out united and say enough is enough. But can they? This is a question for another time.

chris attoh

In other news, Chris Attoh has gotten married. Eight months after divorcing his first wife he has gone into marriage again. We wish him all the best.


Formula One

In formula One, Hamilton is one win away from winning this year’s Formula One. Amazing stuff from Hamilton who has been dominant this second half of the season and turned things around for Mercedes when it seemed Ferrari was becoming better.

Have a lovely week and remember this, follow your dream regardless, even if you do not win at first, the satisfaction of doing it is priceless and you can at least have learnt of one way not to do it.


Mixed Martial Art (MMA)


If you know Mcgregor then you know he is a loose cannon, but he definitely met his match in a young man named Khabib. After insulting the man, where he came from and his religion, mcgregor thought he had shaken Khabib up before the fight, he even attacked Khabib’s bus but he only made the man really mad and when they met in the ring for the fight, Khabib not only beat the hell out of Mcgregor he also went for his coach while two members of Khabib’s team entered into the ring and pounced on the remains of Mcgregor. It seems a dangerous sport without this spurning out of control as it is already. I would suggest the Police better call both men to order before somebody is killed. But if there is a rematch it would definitely be intense and bloody. I would not be watching though lol.

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