Presidential Primary in Nigeria

Presidential Primary in Nigeria


It is that season again in Nigeria, A season where we go to the polls to vote, either our votes count or not, people do have to come out, either we are forced to vote a particular party or bribed to, people do have to come out. Either there is massive rigging or senseless killing, people do have to come out, but one thing I have realized is the election season is the peoples time, where power temporarily is placed in their hands and they can determine who leads or rules them for the next four years depending on the candidate.

The parties are beginning to circle from the Ekiti elections to the Osun elections and finally the primaries by the APC. So much irregularities have marred the process that is evident for all to see. From the removal of Ambode the sitting governor of Lagos by his party due to non-performance to Imo and Ogun producing two winners, one by the governors of each state and the second by the people of the state.

I would not want to ponder much on this because come this weekend the grand finale of both the PDP and the APC would be set. What do I mean? The presidential primaries of both parties will be held, and we will hopefully (marring any violence) know the candidates both parties would be fielding.

While it is already certain Buhari will run unopposed and even the President would not be in the country for the primaries tells a lot about the ceremonial primaries that would be held by the APC (If you ask me there really is no need to spend tax payer’s money any further). On the other hand, the PDP primaries being held in Port Harcourt would be tightly contested by 12 contestants with the major players in my books being Atiku, Saraki and Tambuwal. The party have already declared if anything goes wrong or if there is violence we should blame it on the APC (this to me is childish). So, they already have an excuse for violence lol But I will be keenly monitoring proceedings there.

Now, let me state I am not a fan of both parties because they sincerely have failed us, and I do not think there is anything new they can offer considering the candidates but if I absolutely had to choose for the PDP which candidate I feel would be ideal then Tambuwal would be it to be honest. Saraki plundered Kwara state, too many allegations of stealing are not worthy of the highest position in the land and he is just like the other politicians that have not done anything for our dear country. Atiku also has allegations over his neck and cannot even step foot in the USA that says a lot. Tambuwal seems fresh and not tainted as far as I know but to be honest I would prefer a Tambuwal for the PDP ticket.

I would closely be monitoring things and you can be rest assured to get my thoughts when it is all over. For now, let me siddon look lol.

Who do I want to become president come 2019? Fela Durotoye to be honest!!!

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