Happy Independence Nigeria

Happy Independence Nigeria

BIG 58!!!

happy independence

Happy Independence Nigeria, through all what we have faced and are facing as a country we will not relent to pray for the good of Nigeria because in it lies our own peace and good. One day I hope we will be able to say Nigeria is truly a great nation that provides opportunity for all its citizens and is being governed properly with passionate Nigerians at the helms of affair of our country steering us in the right direction. I hope one day we can really reduce the rate of corruption and everyone would be truly patriotic to the flag and do what is right not because they are cohered or forced to but because they are truly passionate about the good of the nation. I hope by the time Nigeria celebrates 60 we can start seeing amazing changes in our political, economic, financial and human conditions. This is my prayer for Nigeria at fifty-nine


The News…

I would start with the Osun state re-run. It was truly a dark day for Nigeria as a country and Osun as a state. When the chief of staff of an outgoing governor who had not paid salary for two years not because he cannot generate it but because he can say there is no money and get away with it. Though his salary and bonuses did not seize in those two years, neither did his convoy reduce or commissioners; goes ahead to win an election that he was losing just few days back, you know there is a problem with the nation. When one man by the name Omisore was promised heaven and earth just to get his people to vote for another party and he gladly did just to avoid EFCC and even get juicy contracts from the federal powers that be, you know that the nation is far from growing. When police harassment could be seen from all quarters if voters where against the ruling party you know that the country is far from a normalized democratic country. I say this not because the PDP produced a better candidate if you ask me but because the people where not even allowed to exercise their rights properly against two evils. All I can say is, it is well with Nigeria. We are beginning to see what 2019 as in store for us as a country.


Fela durotoye

In an ideal economy, the man Fela Durotoye coming out to run for presidency would be a wonderful thing. A man with a track record of positive values and good works. It is a man the people would want to see run the affairs of Nigeria and take us to the next level. Why? Because he is young, vibrant, as amazing ideas that can turn things around and his sense of accountability is amazing. But our economy is not ideal to be honest and the people have so given in to corruption and hopelessness that they do not see beyond what a normal politician would offer them. I hope for the sake of our future he wins. Is it too much of a dream to become a reality? Only time will tell but I am supporting Fela Durotoye for president.



I have never been an Ambode fan and my friend Nuru can testify to it. I have argued overtime that he is a man not fit for the job and he has not done much to prove me wrong which I was wishing for, at least for the good of my state but alas he was just the same of the same. To be honest he was worse than the previous governors under the same party. He replaced PSP with visionscape that was not functional showed that his vision for lagos was limited. His numerous projects with no end in sight anytime soon also showed a lack of organization and just put the people of Lagos into more hardship and suffering. His lack of maintenance for the existing roads while trying to give Lagos an artificial face lift was shambolic and the numerous accusations of embezzlement which backfired on him by not carrying his own people along was the final straw. Now we can see that the Local government chairmen have pitched their tent with his challenger from the same party in person of Jide Sanwo-Olu who seems to be the anointed one. We can also see the desperation in the sitting Governors speeches by trying really hard to label his challenger in a bad light. I am not a supporter of either of them to be honest but if you ask me I would not want Ambode as governor for the next four years. He has failed Lagos in my opinion. But we shall know who wins the ticket soon and also know if there is any plot twist in this road to 2019. May the best man win.

Mourinho vs Pogba

Manchester United is in crisis and we do not need a soothsayer to know that. The attention by the media on Mourinho and Pogba’s relationship on and off the field is just wrong for the image of the club and I feel sooner than later either one or both of them would have to leave the club or else the club might just be heading into darker days. Though Pogba feels he is bigger than the club and manager and believes his own hype without following that up with actions on the pitch. This shows his not a player that might make it far in his career if he continues with such attitude and Mourinho is not helping either with the results on the pitch, the not so great tactics and the words he speaks to the media. There seems to be no sunlight at the end of the tunnel. Who is your money on to leave first?

Formula One…

Hamilton again as done it. Winning the grand prix in Russia and that takes him to 50 points with just five races to go and he can afford now to come in 3rd in the remaining races and still win the Formula One season now. Amazing stuff. All he needs to do now his keep his head down and just finish each race and he will be coasting to another win…

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