It is already a year… whao!!! 12 months ago, when my life was changed forever, 365days when I got that dreaded call that changed everything. The call disguised to bring me home in one piece, but my spirit already knew its purpose and my heart shattered into million pieces. The rains came crashing down to errand the exit of a great personality, a wonderful being, an amazing father, sweet grandfather and caring husband. Today, a year ago my father slept in the Lord and just thinking about it now still hurts like the first time.

I have tried to find the words to explain how I have felt all through this year, but I have left it to my heart to do the talking and I hope today my post would better speak where my words fail me.

I am thankful for the life you lived, though I would have wished you were here. I am thankful for the legacy that lives on in those you have taught and mentored and especially your own children. Though I would have wanted you to be around and give me your ever-golden advice that is refreshing every time. I am thankful for the love you have shown… Though I would have wanted to feel it now with you in person… I am thankful because I was brought to the world through you, I would not have asked for another Dad.

You taught me how to be a man and a husband. You might not have been perfect, but you taught me what was right. Your smile regardless of the situation and circumstances you faced as helped me look at things from the brighter side of life. The way you have trained us, would also make me a better father when that time comes.

I do miss you, even more today and though you are in a better place, would it be selfish if I still wanted you here? If I wanted, you to see my successes and the great strides I am making in life. To watch me dance and celebrate great milestones. Would it be selfish, if I had wanted you to see me get married and give you more grandchildren whom you would name?

I really do know what you would want of me. To smile and tell the world everything is okay and mean it from my heart. I will be that tomorrow, today I just want to allow the memories of you flood me, humble me and inspire me.

The song that comes to me during this time goes thus,

When peace like a river, attendeth my way,
                        When sorrows like sea billows roll
                        Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say
                         It is well, it is well, with my soul

                         It is well
                         With my soul
                         It is well, it is well with my soul


If you are reading this and you have ever lost someone you truly cared about. Let it inspire you. Let it not weigh you down or make you shattered, instead rise up from the pain and determine to make a conscious effort to live, to love, to learn, to be happy, to be the best version of you and to also make a lasting mark in the sands of time just the same way they have left a mark in yours.

Till we meet at the feet of Jesus. Dad you are loved and never to be forgotten. Keep shining down on us.

P.S Happy birthday Sis… Dad sure knew how to make his presence always remain in our minds didn’t he?

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