Children of Blood and Bones…

Children of Blood and Bones…

Children of blood and bone

I finally laid my hands on a copy of THE CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONES written by a Nigerian author that has gone viral. Yes, I am proud of my Nigerian sister and goes to show that we can do anything we set our mind to do if only we believe. Nothing is impossible!!!

Over to the book. It showed a time where there was no magic in the land because a certain King had eradicated it and made sure those that use to have it where treated as outcast. But magic could not be held down for long and the gods had other plans, fate brought a young lady who had the potential of doing magic with the princess of the land who had her best friend a potential user of magic killed by her own father. She ran away with a scroll that could activate magic and asked for the one person that did not want to get into trouble.

This took them on an adventure to trying to get magic introduced back in the land but the Prince who also had a potential to do magic but wanted to eradicate at all cost was in hot pursuit to stop them. In the end… naaah I am not going to tell you the end of the book, you have to go read it because it is amazing and it is also a motivation for young writers out there to keep writing, one day your book would reach the world and if it is only ten people that reads your work, you would at least have the satisfaction that you have opened the eyes of ten people to your own world.

My thought about the book. It was fast paced, actioned packed. It kept me reading more and more because of the adventure, the suspense and intrigues. The Harry Potter feel to it was also amazing and the fight scenes too. The fairytale animals too made it totally different.

Though the author tried to depict Nigeria in Africa, I had a problem with the names used. It didn’t sound Nigerian or African in anyway to be honest and the animals used, too complicated I think using animals we know would not have been bad. I thoroughly enjoyed the other parts though to be honest and the names of different places in Nigeria drew a map in my head of their journeys and adventures around every area in Nigeria. I would give it FIVE STARS… Obviously I was not going to give my Nigerian sister anything less lol



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  1. All I can think about is the prince trying to eradicate magic. Will he eventually join them and try to restore magic to the land? I really need the book!
    How can I get it?


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