femi otedola

Last week was amazing for the election season in Nigeria, from the rumors that Ambode is no longer the anointed one in Lagos APC primaries for governor to the Adelekes storming Osun state and finally Femi Otedola rumored to be running for Governor under the Umbrella of the PDP.

The question is, why would Ambode who Tinubu crowned the chosen one against Fashola’s wishes barely three years and some months ago now suddenly become the black sheep? Well, the reasons are not far fetched in Nigeria’s politics and you can be rest assured that money was involved. Though the Governor did not make things easy for himself like Fashola did before the second tenure when he also had a falling out with the Jagaban himself. While Fashola’s works spoke for him so much that the Jagaban had to rethink his plot to remove him, Ambode’s has been the opposite. His Visionscape idea of cleaning up Lagos after drastically relieving many of their jobs in PSP did not sit well with the masses and the company brought in to replace PSP did a horrible job at it, in fact Lagos became an eyesore from the clean city it was under Fashola. Also, the increment of the Land use charge to 400 percent more than what it was, was downright foolhardy and one that his advisers did not counsel him rightly on. The rumor of the LTV deals too was another blemish on his record, not leaving out how he dramatically chased the Pastor in charge of the Lagos Chapel all because the Pastor did not call his wife first for the Holy Communion, it says a lot. Looks like it is time for Karma to catch up with him.


The APC Lagos Chapter has decided to go for Babajide Sanwo Olu and all the Chairmen of the 57 local government areas have endorsed him, though the Jagaban himself has not come out to say anything, but you know what they say about silence being consent. Only time will tell. If Ambode loses the primaries, does that mean he would have to form or join another party to continue his bid to remain Governor? So many questions, time will reveal them all.

On the other hand, Femi Otedola rumored to be coming out under the umbrella of the PDP to me seems like a great idea if it is true. Dele Momodu broke the news on social media claiming to have spoken to the Billionaire who affirmed it. But if it is true, it would be great news considering he wouldn’t need to have any godfather, he has his own money and has worked hard to build his empire, so stealing money shouldn’t be a priority for him, and he is not a politician. Oh yes, that last part is so important, for once I feel we should try those that have not been in it, and probably there lies the change considering the fact that all the politicians have failed us. I eagerly anticipate the primaries of both parties. It looks set up for a grand opening.

Over to Osun state. A man with no certificate, which is one of the requirements to run for Governor with a nephew that is a global superstar artist coming back home to give him massive support. Senator Adeleke under the umbrella of the PDP is running for Governor and it beats me how he can still be in the running without a certificate. Hopefully the masses vote right, even though we know money will be a key factor, sadly.


Kemi Adeosun the Minister of finance has officially stepped down from her role. In a letter addressed to Mr. President, she sighted her reason for stepping down, stating that she was oblivious to the fact that the NYSC certificate was fake because she had lived all her life abroad and was told upon return that she was to be exempted from the compulsory NYSC program and given a certificate for it. She also said she had tendered the certificate in all official capacity she had served.

I actually feel for her, because you cannot blame such a woman who did not know the deals and procedures of how Nigeria works. It is also painful that for such a woman, who helped take the country out of recession and stood her ground against NNPC that we would have to lose a bright mind as hers due to cheap politics. But, the law is the law and it has to be upheld regardless of sentiments. I wish her well in her future endeavors and she should please go and get the right certificate maybe she can make a comeback in the future.


In Sports….


Formula One…

Louis Hamilton won the Singapore Grand prix to increase his lead to 40points. Though the Ferrari after the break had improved their cars and it was considerably faster than the Mercedes, one man stood between the machines, and it was Hamilton. He has proven to be the difference regardless of the machine they have driven. Hamilton is reaching for the trophy in Formula One, but can Ferrari cause an upset? We will watch and see.


In Football…

The Champions league is back and on Tuesday we will have our very first round of matches… I cannot wait, with Ronaldo in Juventus having opened his goal scoring accounts with a brace for the old ladies, Neymar in PSG, Messi in Barca, the trio of Firmino, Salah and Mane playing the rock and roll, Mourinho with the pragmatic but effective play and Pep Guardiola wanting to lay his hands once again on the holy grail, only time will tell.

zlatans kick

Finally, I will end with Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s wonder, martial art goal. It was amazing and something everyone should see. It was for LA GALAXY and even the opposing crowd gave him a standing ovation. The Lion keeps roaring.

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