Welcome back people to Obaz and the happenings in Lagos. On today’s episode of Lagos Happenings, I happened inside the popularly called Danfo bus in lagos.

I was busy minding my business scrolling through my Instagram wondering when the heavens will be opened unto me and I will jet out of this country when I heard a man’s voice on a call, I would have ignored but the way he was talking, it seemed he wanted everyone in the bus to know what the conversation was about. So, in my usual manner I decided to observe the situation and enjoy the drama. Oh yes, in Lagos I always expected a drama. So, the call went thus;

“sir I had to leave for the day and I informed the secretary before leaving… sir, with all due respect, I had to go because it was a relative of mine and I informed your secretary so that you would be in the know. Is that why you refused to pay me my whole salary for the month because of a missed day? sir let God be the judge, I have served you loyally with all due respect and done my job to the best of my knowledge, let God be the judge. Sir I cannot hear you, I am in a bus, let me call you sir, don’t think I am cutting the call on you with all due respect, let me call you back when I am done”

…and the line went off and when the man ended the call and faced us at the back, the drama began.

“Can you imagine this man, I have given him my all, sacrificed all for the job and this is what I get? Imagine ooo he said he will not pay my salary because I did not come for one day on which I informed him ooo. Why are human beings like this? Why do they treat people that work for them like this? He thinks he can rob me, someone else will collect it from him in double folds”

The man kept ranting, while I had a pale disinterested look on my face though my ears were attentive to everything he was saying. The occasional ‘EEYAH!!!’ ‘Awwwwh!!!’ could be heard by other passengers that showed kin interest in the drama while the man continued talking when he realized he had the audience. “I will show him”, the man went on, “he does not know anything, I know for a fact he does not pay tax and he has six exotic cars, he will go around sharing money in bundles but treat his workers like slaves, who knows if he did ‘ogun owo’ (blood money)”.  Everyone murmured affirmatively to the blood money part. The man continued, “I will show him, I will report him to LIRS (Lagos state Inland Revenue Service) they will come and investigate him and collect all the money he is hiding”. The man picks up his phone and proceeds to call someone. “Hello Sege, mo ni ese kan (I have a job for you), my Oga has not paid tax for the last six years and he is running a profitable business ooo. Please I will send his address and details, so you can investigate”.

He ended the call and kept the talk alive, “I will show him, all my salary someone will take it from him”, and then after his last statement the drama truly begun when an old that has been quiet all along replied him.

“So you have been working for a man that has never paid tax you knew and never reported him till he offended you?, you try well Oga”. Everyone turned their attention to the old man sitting at a corner. Lines of anger and surprise began to form in the face of the man that felt he was in the right all along, Too shocked to speak, he looked at the old man in disbelief, “Oh yes”, the old man continued, “do not act surprise, it felt okay working for him and not saying anything till it did not favor you anymore shey?”. The man went on the defensive, “baba I am respecting you nii oooo, how can you say such, he did not pay me, he is the wicked and bad person”. “So, because people are doing wrong and getting away with it does not make it any right” the old man intercepted while I looked on with keen interest and excitement, but my facial expression remained disinterested. “Baba please stop it”, the man continued with his audience supporting him.  The old man preached on, “I will say one last thing, let us always endeavor to do what is right at all times not only when it is convenient. Did your boss do wrong by you? Yes but does that make your action now any more right? No it does not…” and then the argument, back and forth started in the bus between those for the man and those for the old man. I shouted that I had gotten to my bus stop gladly and I stepped down under the open heavens with the rains coming down angrily. I would take that over the drama inside that bus. The END…

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