US Open Tennis

The Grand slam was the US OPEN 2018, the stage was the females final and match was between a first-time finalist and novice when it comes to Grand slam trophies facing off with a veteran, a woman on the verge of making history after a major life changing episode a year ago; their names Naomi Osaka and other is Serena Williams respectively. One carried the weight of a country, probably a continent on her shoulder, with Asia haven’t never won a Grand slam before while the other carried a global weight on her shoulder, at least our generation wanted someone to break the record of 23 grand slam held by a single person. You can definitely bet where my heart was, Serena Williams. But if there was someone that was going to stop the legend, it had to be the young enterprising hard hitting 20-year old, she had the innocence of a child but the steel of Serena herself. She had the grace of Michelle Obama and the doggedness and determination of Cristiano Ronaldo if I do say so myself, but we cannot rule out the fact, Serena is Serena, she is the Wonder woman of the modern-day Tennis, the Superhero without a cape, the mother of a beautiful little princess that put her life on the line for Olympian. It was going to be a tantalizing and entertaining contest between both ladies.

serena final

Naomi gave Serena a run for her money and was doing everything right even taking the first set when calamity struck. The Umpire (like the referee) said Serena’s coach made some hand gestures that he interpreted as coaching, all hell came loose. Serena vehemently told the umpire off and in her own words “I don’t cheat to win, I’d rather lose” and then later when a game point was deducted she called the Umpire a thief for it. The umpire decided to give Naomi two game point for it which was rather harsh if you ask me. Apparently with all the tension at play and all the emotions going off the roof, there was bound to be one winner even with the super human Serena is, she did have her kryptonite and Naomi went ahead to win her first ever Grand slam championship at 20 and the first for any Japanese player, the first for any Asian player. A little history though regarding Naomi Osaka. Her father is Haitian while her mother is the one from Japan. She moved to the USA at the age of three (3). Congratulations to Naomi Osaka, hope to see more of her in the future, probably the heir to Serena’s throne? Maybe a little too soon to tell. Over to my thoughts regarding the match, the umpire and the players:


I will start with the Umpire; I believe he was very harsh for a high-stake match as the final. He allowed emotions play a big role in his decisions. Did she lash out? Yes. Serena definitely lashed out. Should she have been punished one way or the other? Yes is my believe, but was the punished melted out deserved? NO!!! I feel he could have given a post-match punishment like the one given to Kyriakos. He should have calmed the nerves and let everyone enjoy a good game of tennis from two exciting players. He to me ruined the atmosphere of that match and brought tears to two wonderful personalities. He should not Umpire such a high-profile game for a while is my thought.

Moving along to Serena; We may never know if the Coach was actually trying to coach at the stands or not, though he made hand gestures that the camera picked, but she made it clear he wasn’t and I would give her the benefit of a doubt to be honest. It is only fair for emotions to get the best out of her in such a high-profile match as the final and one that held a significance like breaking a very long-standing record. The only fault I saw from her was calling the Umpire names. I know for a fact it is never easy keeping your cool when emotions are involved, I know it is never easy when you feel unfairly treated when you know you are at the right, but rules are rules, as an athlete you must remain professional regardless. Calling the Umpire, a thief and other names is probably the only thing I would hold against her. It is never easy, but hey we are humans after all. But she should not have made it a feminism thing, what is wrong is wrong regardless of gender, because other people are getting away with it does not make it any less right

Naomi was very professional throughout and she kept her cool throughout the crisis in the game. She also deserved the Grand slam victory though I am so sure she would have wanted it on better circumstances against her idol and heroine. She was moved to tears during the press conference when talking about her win and that goes to show how much she adores Serena. She has won me over and from now on, I am a Ms Osaka fan (that is after my William sisters sha lol).

In other news…..


This news personally brought me joy, because Nigeria is doing great things and the world is taking notice of us. From the ‘Shaku Shaku’ dance being introduced in the NBA game of 2019 to our artist and their songs being sang by people around the world and as if that was not enough, Neflix bought the rights to the movie LIONHEART; oh yes people! With Genevieve’s first attempt at directing a movie, it has bagged global recognition and NEFLIX definitely was paying attention and brought out their cheques. I am so excited because this means a whole lot for both Nigeria and Africa, for a movie that was locally made having such global recognition is not a small feat. I am also excited for my home girl Jemima. It is never easy especially in a country that never supports artistic expressions, having to combine her love for acting and schooling. She is global now and I am excited for her too. Like I always say in this blog, follow your dreams, it is never too late to start, and you can do it regardless of the odds against you.

Nigeria won their AFCON qualifier against Seychelles, three goals to nil. It was an easy game for the Super Eagles to be honest and the first game after Moses’ retirement. Kenya defeated the black stars of Ghana 1-0; South Africa were held to a goal-less draw by Libya to mention a few

Spain also beat England two goals to One at Wembley in the new UEFA Nations League.

France and Germany played a goal-less draw to mention a few.

In Nigeria politics, Ayo Fayose has decided to pull out of the Presidential race, the reason being that he wanted to concentrate on getting the mandate back for his deputy governor who was defeated at the polls by Fayemi of the APC.

Who would you be voting for come 2019 for the Presidential seat?

Also remember the Senate seat is important. Vote wisely, vote objectively, let your vote count!!!

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