Short Stories

Na Dem Dey Rush Us- Gbèngá

Na Dem Dey Rush Us- Gbèngá


Fully packed with hypnotic lyrics, appealing vocals and unalloyed composure, this awesome single from indie artist, Gbèngá, shoes deptness creativity and distinguishable spontaneity.
It is an amazing tune motivated by the viral video” Na Dem Dey Rush Us “. One cannot afford to pass on this masterpiece. You will definitely be left breathless by how he harnessed a freestyle video to create a truly musical sensation. Gbèngá is definitely an artiste to look out for!

You can download it via this link

Here is one gifted artist I have known a long time and I am proud to put his song on my blog. Such a selfless artist that deserves every good thing coming his way and trust me this is a tip of what he is capable of doing. I know he is reading this, please we are expecting more because after listening to this track, we expect another soonest and maybe an album soon?! Oh Yes I will sign off on that people. Kindly download the song and listen.

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