Gender Equality or Equity

         Gender Equality or Equity


This is a sensitive topic I have for a while contemplated writing on, but it must be written, unless I would not find rest in my spirit. So, this is my attempt to translate what I feel is right and how it can help us move forward. Everything written is totally my opinion, but I feel it is right. So, let us get in there already shall we.

First and foremost, I believe we were created differently and we are blessed with our strengths and weaknesses and these strengths and weaknesses are meant to complement each other to bring out the best version of ourselves and make the world a better place. When it comes to things like sports, work, and politics yes, I believe everyone should be given the same opportunity to run, everyone should be given a fair chance to, I totally get it and believe it.

But there are somethings that we are not born to be equal at, instead, complimenting each other is what makes it work. Like the role of a father or a mother cannot be played by the other (for those that are widowed or have bad father’s or mothers. The single parent can try to fill in, but it was never meant to be that way. No offence). We are so consumed with being equal that we forget to appreciate the God-given roles that we have been given, hence with all the shouts of feminism today, you see there is no true satisfaction. The word ‘feminism’ has been so bastardized that some feel even opening a door as a gentlemanly act is demeaning a woman; No, it is not. It is a means of wooing a woman or just being plain nice, something that is engrained in a man’s DNA. Even the male animals have their own way of wooing their feminine specie. Either by showing off their beautiful colors like the peacock or fighting for the territory to get the female or sing beautiful like some birds or even perform a dance routine. So why should opening the door, or taking a woman on a date be demeaning?

If a woman finds satisfaction in being a stay-home mum, compliment and celebrate her and if she wants to work, also she is doing great. If she prefers to kneel to greet her husband or the man prefers to open the door for her, it is their right to, it does not mean anyone is looking down on anyone.

I believe it is time we understand that we are not the same, we were never created to be equal, instead we were created to complement each other, respect each other, celebrate each other’s strengths while helping with each other’s weaknesses. Create an enabling field for everyone to strive in any chosen field and while at it, celebrate each other’s effort.

I believe in equity not equality! My humble summation.



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