NEWS: Defection season

NEWS: Defection season


Good day people hope our weekend was wonderful, no matter how short it was. Over to some of the news coming out from Nigeria. It is no news that many politicians in Nigeria have been moving from one political party to another especially from the APC to the PDP. Some of the notable movers include the Senate President Bukola Saraki, before him Atiku also had moved camp. We also had Dino Melaye move camp and other senators, even the Governor of Sokoto and Plateau in Tambuwal and Ortom respectively had moved to the PDP, but it seems APC had a reply to this transfer moves in Senator Akpabio moving from the PDP to the APC which was celebrated by the APC contingent. But my questions which every Nigerian should ask is simple; why are they all moving? Is it for selfish interest or for the masses? Do they even care about us or just looking for ways to remain relevant in the political circle?

My brothers and sisters the answer is not far from us and we all know it. They only move to satisfy their selfish interest. It is like a dog going back to its vomit after declaring they would have nothing to do with the party they initially left only for them to return maybe because they cannot loot like they would have loved or because they where not included in the inner circle. How can the APC that have claimed that Akpabio had numerous cases to answer about embezzlement embrace such a man to their party, we are not forgetting Obanikoro also that moved to APC from the PDP and it seems all the cases leveled against him just went away? It is a shame that we have to recycle these politicians that have done totally nothing to help us as a people. Is it the Twitter Senator blaming the President of taking his vacation in England that the Prime Minister would not do such, but conveniently failed to talk about sending his child to study abroad when we have Universities in Nigeria also. Getting your PVC would end in this Month of August, please go ahead and get yours and vote out these self-centered human beings that care less about us but only about themselves. It is time we vote totally different set of people to see if they can bring the much-needed change we seek. May God help us.

Community Shield…

Manchester city took Chelsea to the cleaners with two cleanly taken goals by Aguero, if we had quickly forgotten just how good Manchester city where last season or how clinical Aguero was then we where just reminded. The match ended 2-0 in favor of Manchester city and the comical side of things is Mendy the French defender of Manchester city as now won four (4) trophies in just eight (8) matches he has played. I need a dose of that kind of favour in my life. The Premiership, the Worldcup, the community shield and Carling cup.


Courtouis is hitching for a move to Real madrid with the claims he wants to be close to his family, if he succeeds in leaving Chelsea have notified Stokes for the services of Butland. Manchester United are looking to bring in Mcguire into their fold with Toby Alderwereld as a backup plan. Two days left to the end of the transfer window let us see if there would be any surprise transfers in or out.

Have a wonderful day and week; Remember to always stay positive and put a smile on your face regardless of whatever comes your way. You will Overcome!!!


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