Trisha Nigeria

Once upon a time, there was a child named Trisha. She was the most beautiful and in all the lands throughout west coast of Africa; everyone talked of her beauty.

She was also from a wealthy background and was fondly called…… we will get to her fondly called name later but it meant ‘Giant’ in the language of the country. Everyone respected her and held her in high esteem.

She grew up to be the best in all in many aspects of life from sports to work.

When she was only 13, both of her parent set out for the sea for one of their numerous travels being merchants.

She had been the only child, so she was left by herself with the family estate. Before her parents set sail, her father entrusted the key to their highly valued estate to his father.

The key was made of the rarest and the most expensive jewels and on it was forged the words ‘better life’

The estate was situated in distant lands but then, it was meant to be hers when she came of the accepted age for inheritance.

Before her parent left, they warned her earnestly about trusting anyone especially unfamiliar persons who may pose as extended family members.

Trisha was of a kind and sweet temperament. And being a trusting latchkey child herself, many girls of her age tried to court her acquaintance.

There were many girls within her neck of the woods and in the hinterlands that came to her, most however, knowing she had a large heirloom only wanted friendship for their personal gain.

Many seasons passed while her parents were away at sea, yet she maintained her usual decorum.

Many of the folks had wanted to trick her into friendship, she wisely waded away. Until just few weeks to when this key worth the whole family fortune as large as it was, was to be transferred in her name. A certain woman had come.

It had been a rainy day; the old woman had come to Trisha’s house. She looked sickly and pale.

‘ko! ko!! ko!! The old woman knocked while she shook like a leaf in the wind.

Trisha, out of compassion opened the door to the frail woman.

She took good care of her while the woman warmed young Trisha’s heart with lullabies and history. Only the stores were all made-up and misleading.

It took several days until the woman, seeing that she had successfully warmed Trisha’s heart and won her trust, entreated her to see the precious key she had talked so passionately about. It was the key-shaped medallion that carried the answers to a great future for young Trisha.

Unsuspecting, the young Trisha handed the medallion to the strange old woman, who immediately recognizing her luck, transformed into an old eerie ogre.

She laughed hysterically then disappeared with the precious medallion key around her own neck.

Trisha was so afraid, she fainted from the terrible sight of the ogre.

Before she awoke the ogre had disappeared.

On discovering her naïveté, she throws herself to the ground violently and wailed much to the attention of her fellow country folks.

When she rehashed her ordeal. They tried to console her,

At last, the older folks confirmed that the strange old woman had been the 5000-year old notorious evil fairy. She was named Corruption, for all the wickedness she wrought upon the land. She was very powerful and too seductive to be defeated. The evil fairy had been responsible for the deaths of thousands of gallant warriors.

How would young Trisha ever find this fairy, defeat her and reclaim her ‘better life’ key that bore her inheritance?… Trisha was fondly called Nigeria, the Giant had been dwarfed by corruption, is there hope for Trisha

The End…

Written: Mayowa Shobo

Image: Google.



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