News July 23rd

It seems the banks are not all about handling our money alone with what went down this weekend. So, it looked like it was going to be busy as usual for all banks in Nigeria till Sterling fired the first shot with a picture that depicted a man being shot to space with a rocket, but that was not what caught the eyes, though the caption was simple and harmless “In shooting for the moon, men became stars”. The picture carried a totally different message first it showed the popular access bank logo going a different direction, and then the GTB logo with a man behind bars, then it had First bank and Union bank on a slow pace forward and then beneath the picture the sentence “choose a partner that takes you higher” just reemphasized the sub and its intended victims. Twitter went bunkers with it and the artist would be smiling to the bank now because it sure went viral and escalated quickly, what happened next was even more entertaining. Union Bank started the counter by writing “Heading to the moon without a spacesuit. Journey mercies”. FirstBank was not going to be left out of this one and wrote back “What an elder sees while seating, a child cannot see even if he travels to the moon” and then Access Bank had a stinker of their own, “We will travel on an imaginary rocket too, if we were a one-customer Microfinance Bank; but with ten million customers and counting, we rather bring the galaxy to you!”  and Sterling replied with a K.O “#EpainThem” Though FCMB wrote they were observing, someone pointed out one of the building in the picture sure looked like their building lol. Referring to them as being always on the sideline. As at the time of this report, GTBank had not come up with the perfect reply or just maybe the technical knockout was too great for a comeback, let me not say too much before my account is frozen but trust Nigerians, they had subbed GTbank in more ways than one with many pleading with GTbank not to reply so we do not get our accounts debited lol. I know this would not finish here cannot wait for the concluding part, but for now, Sterling is ahead in the leaderboard lol.


german grand prix real

The stage was the German Grand Prix and the usual suspects were the Mercedes, Ferrari and behind those two was the Redbull. Vettel had won in the home of Hamilton in dramatic fashion and held the lead in the championship and Hamilton would have had it in mind to do the same, but qualifiers proved otherwise for the Brit who had engine issues and had to settle for 14th on race day. Hamilton, during the race battled from 14th to 5th in an intense racing circuit till the heavens opened and the rain fell. Hamilton was the driver for the rains and it seemed even Poseidon had Hamilton’s back because Vettel with just 20laps to go crashed his car and a safety car had to come out. While others went for the pit stop, Hamilton was called to pit but before he stopped, the Mercedes team told him to go for it which made him pass the grass and took first position when proceedings resumed. He went on to win the race while Bottas came in second and to put icing in the cake, the stewards just reprimanded him while he kept his victory in his fiercest rival’s home. What an amazing race Hamilton, you did great. With a 17point lead now, the championship is looking to go down the wires.

Ozil retires from International Football


In an Open letter to the German FA, Mesut Ozil has retired from International football. After reading through the letter and he, being the scapegoat because he posed with the Turkish president, I feel it is sad and unfortunate that football is being mixed with politics. Mesut Ozil is Turkish but was born and raised in Germany, his family are in Turkey and that should not be used against him in anyway. He complained that when he played well, the German FA saw him as a German but when he was woeful they remembered he was an immigrant. My simple conclusion from all this is simple; their German FA messed up big time and shouldn’t have looked for a cheap way to blame someone for their failures in Russia, it should have been a collective blame, and everyone should have moved on but using a man’s place of birth against him is personal and not a footballing reason to cause a whole team to fail. Ozil did the right thing by retiring, I hope the German FA learns from this and do better in the future, because in this case they deserve the big L.

Nigeria Air Logo

Just few days ago I was praising the Minister of Aviation and the government for the launch of Nigeria air that would be our national carrier and I was hoping everything would turn out right this time, I was skeptical but decided to still hope even though Nigerian government over time have broken my heart repeatedly.

It did not come as a surprise when the news that a company in Bahrain designed the logo for Nigeria air that is when I knew in Nigeria, we take one step forward and five steps backwards. First, the millions spent on an ordinary logo was amazing to read or mention, as if that was not enough, was the government really telling me we did not have enough capable youths or graphic design companies worthy enough to come up with that design or something even better? When are we even going to learn that we can do better if we look within and give the youths a chance. This just ruined the hopes I had for the fresh start. It is back to the old, I will not be surprised if no aircraft takes a flight with this new project, right now I decide to be pessimistic. Let me be proved wrong.


Can someone tell Mr Saraki to decide already, so we know how to send the thunder. If he wants to be with the PDP, he should say so, if he wants to remain with the APC he should also say so, all these meetings with PDP one day and then posing for pictures with the APC heads the next is overwhelming biko.

By the way, Atiku has kickstarted his Presidential aspiration in Adamawa. Well, I am not surprised he is trying again, Buhari has given him hope. I sincerely hope he fails and fails woefully at the PDP primaries, let us see where he goes from there.

By the way, the President of Ghana has condemned the act of the Policeman beating a woman and taken actions against the officer. This is the president of the whole country ooo, but our governors, not to talk of president, have not said a word regarding the continuous brutality of the men that are supposed to protect us. 2019 you better don’t dull and vote wisely ooo…

Quote for the week: Not all the corn pops at the same time though they are subjected to the same heat, oil and environmental conditions. Trust your process, you will shine eventually just keep working hard, keep learning from your experiences and in the end, you will shine forth.


Picture credit: Google/ESPN



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