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I must say after watching this movie over a month ago I did not want to write about it because it steered up so many emotions in me but if there is one thing that nobody was going to argue with about this movie is the fact that it really showed a real-life situation. It is never the way we expect it to end, life can really be unfair, but we must decide to still do what is right regardless of what life throws at us. So let me give a summary then.

A girl meets a fine dude with brilliant ideas, boy is also a smooth talker and quickly wins the heart of girl. Boy, though broke and barely surviving when he meets girl, still shows he cares. Unfortunately, girl loses her mum and she is willed a whole lot of money around $30,000 with a house. Girl’s sisters do not like boy because he seems not in their class, but girl does not listen. Girl eventually catches boy sleeping with side chick. She turns mad and sends boys trailer turning upside down in the process injuring herself and losing her womb. Boy still comes to beg regardless and still wants to marry girl. Girl’s sisters tells her that boy is just after the money because she told him about it. That he was going to use her and dump her. Girl ignores their advice and marry him anyway. They do not even show up for their wedding. All effort to make his invention work is abortive by boy and girl must sustain them because boy would not take up a job. Boy eventually graduates and finds out he cannot get a job because of a crime he committed as a minor. Girl is angry but still sticks with him, then the money finish and they had to mortgage the house and when they were about to lose the house, boy turned man now agreed to work for girl’s sisters’ delivery company to offset the mortgage. Boy runs into side chick of all those years and finds out she is working for the company he had been writing to, to get a breakthrough for his invention. He begs her to look into it and help him actualize his dream for his wife. She considers it and starts checking his work. Unfortunately, side chick of those years drops her purse in the trunk of boy and the sister of girl finds it and reports it to girl. Boy gets a call one day driving the drunk for a major delivery to come over and present his invention finally. He quickly decides to abandon the delivery, so he can get to the presentation, he meets girl at home who is angry that he was cheating, he denied it and goes for the presentation anyway. Boy was offered $80,000 to forfeit the invention and its right. He refuses and goes back home to girl who chases him out, gets a divorce and moves on with another man. This summary spans 18years. Boy moves into slum and sleeps in bunks where his phone was stolen, he also started working at a kitchen to keep body and soul together. Eventually the side chick of that time finally calls him, there was a breakthrough, she had been pushing for him. She invites him to her home and took him away from the slum and then helps him get the deal with full patent of his idea. He becomes a big boy goes back to girl and offers her $10million with the house that the bank took over. He then marries the side chick which made girl mad and turned her bitter, jealous then vengeful. In the end she dies trying to kill boy and the side chick of that time, we never really knew if the boy dies though.

Amazing movie I must say but let us rub minds. Who was wrong between the man and woman?

Was the man justified after giving the girl $10 million and the house back to leave her after over 18years together?

Was girl justified to get so bitter after divorcing the man and leaving him for another man?

Would she have gone to that extent if he remained poor and did not hit it big time?

Let us discuss……

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