Nigeria is like that instinct that tells you when everything is going smoothly one bad thing must be at the corner to scatter all the good work that one has been riding on. That is the state of the NFF as we speak. Recently our Beret wearing minister came out to say that the Amaju Pinnick led board of the NFF should vacate the Glass house due to a court ruling. It is funny because this is coming after a wonderful campaign off the pitch at by the Super Eagles, with the whole nation riding along and temporarily forgetting the situation of the country. From our jersey being tagged the best jersey of the tournament to major artists wearing it for Red carpet events. It did not stop there, on the launch of the Jersey, it sold out in minutes and the NFF’s purse was better for it. The players gave a good account of themselves and one of our goals is a contender for the goal of the tournament. Bonuses were paid and we did not have unrest by the players.

So with all this, Giwa still wanted to take charge of the NFF and my question to him and his fellow followers is simple; What exactly does he want to do that Amaju is not already doing? Why would you go to this great extent if FIFA has come out as a body to state in clear terms “AMAJU PINNICK is the Head of the Nigerian Football Federation and they recognize no one else? Don’t you have enough shame? even after going to the Court of Arbitration for sport to seek audience, your case was thrown out and FIFA even banned you from all footballing activities. I have more questions for Giwa, why all the stress to rule even when FIFA clearly stated that there were not enough delegates during his election to make it valid.

I have one opinion why Giwa would keep at this, for a failed politician, it is GREED; short and simple. Whichever way you look at it; if Giwa wins in our courts (which in the first place should not meddle in FIFA activities according to FIFA rules) then we get banned from all FIFA licensed competition, so what is the gain for him if he goes this route. Our League at the moment is on suspension pending the resolution of this issue.

Like someone said in a footballing group I belong, I hope with this issue the NFF will once and for all cut off from government and run independently. Pinnick has been promoted in CAF and handling FIFA business though our beret wearing Minister of sport is saying Giwa is president. What a shame Nigeria. We continue to watch and see how the drama unfolds.   IN OTHER NEWS….




The Minister of Aviation has launched the new national carrier called NIGERIA AIR. It would kick start fully in December. We hope it would not go the way of other national carriers, I know I should be optimistic but with past events of starting and no continuity or maintenance I will just hope and pray this one works



A train derails at Pen Cinema..

News reaching us is that a train just derailed at Pen Cinema, Agege area of Lagos. Emergency response team are already in site though but information reaching us saying many are feared dead. May their soul rest in Peace. Please and please if you know someone that knows someone that hangs on the top of the train, advise them to stop it is suicidal and dangerous to say the least.

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