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Good morning everyone, with the just concluded election in Ekiti state of Nigeria, there is really a lot to be concerned about. When party agents blatantly go ahead to bribe voters in the open with no shame or moral estacode then you know there is a big problem. There were stories of shootings, ballot snatching, cancellation of centers held by the opposition party to the government of the day and obviously sharing of bribe money from both parties to indigenes to sell their votes (more like their conscience, future and children’s future). The first question, not to support the fact that the indigenes took it, is this, can we blame such a people who have known no such development or progress in their lives in the last four years? Can we honestly blame a people who this year have not been paid salaries by the outgoing governor of Ekiti? Seven months of work with no pay and someone brandishes money for your vote, would that not be likened to a lick of water in a desert no matter how bitter the water can be the person would drink it.

This leads me to my next question, is this going to reflect how 2019 would be when all Nigerians go into the elections to vote for their future? If the answer is yes, then I am very afraid for the future. I am not here to sell doom and gloom, but I have read from many and listened to many and one thing that keeps reoccurring is that the people are tired, and they are looking for a way out of all this mess. A way out for our economy. Though we are mostly our own problem and we have the power to change things, I am afraid we are not as united to make that change as we should. This leads me to my next question and the point for this write up.

Do we then need to get a visa to anywhere just to escape this sad state of our nation or do we stay back get our PVC and fight for the heart of our nation? If your answer is the former, then what happens to those who cannot afford it or those who have been denied severally? We need Divine intervention and action from people to bring about that intervention.

I still believe in Nigeria though she has stabbed me so many times, just like many would testify to, I believe a change can occur for us, one we desperately need and our heart bleeds for. Have you given up on Nigeria? Is it the PVC or the VISA for you then?

Let us share our thoughts… May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria…



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