The News… 16th JULY ’18

The News… 16th JULY ’18

The 6th Jumia Anniversary

6th anniversary

The largest E-commerce company in Nigeria, JUMIA kicked off their 6th anniversary today with amazing deals on discount. They have come a long way in this six years providing goods and services which range from mobile phones, fashion items, hotel services, flight services, delivery of food to mention a few. It has not been plain sailing for the brand, but they have managed to scale through the economic situation of the country where other e-commerce brands have gone under, but they have been going strong. So, we celebrate the brand called JUMIA and wish them the best for the future as they celebrate their 6th anniversary. Six hearty cheers!!!


world cup1

France have won the world cup. France won the game by beating Croatia four goals to two. It was an entertaining match, though I was rooting for Croatia, they fell short but still gave a great account of themselves. Goals from Griezmann from the Penalty spot (after VAR caught adjudged Perisic to have handled the ball in the box), Pogba, Mbappe and an own goal of Madzukic made sure France took the victory and goals from Perisic and Madzukic could not rally Croatia back into the game. It was a great game and tournament and the young French team should be proud of themselves. They did great.

world cup2world cup3

Mbappe won the young player of the tournament, while Modric won the player of the tournament which was well deserved. Kane won the golden boot while Courtious won the golden glove. The Croatian President, though caught the highlights for me, hugging every single person that passed through the podium to receive either an award or medal. Amazing, I would name her the hugging president lol.

world cup4

Wimbledon Final 2018…

kerber serena

In the women’s final, Serena Williams was beaten by Angelique Kerber the German. Just ten months ago, she was fighting for her life, after giving birth to her daughter, Olympia and suffering blood clot. Fast forward, she made it to the finals and came in second. Such transformation, such determination and persistence and it is no mean fit considering she was seeded 24 coming into this tournament and made it to the final. She is my super hero and this one is to all supermoms out there. You can be whatever you set your mind to and still have a wonderful home with your husband and children. God bless you Serena, hopefully you get the 24th Grand slam you seek and more starting with the US open.

In the Men’s category, Novak Djokovic beat Rafeal Nadal to get to the final where he met Anderson for a claim to a grand slam after a lengthy period off due to injury, he finally did win the Wimbledon open. Djokovic is back, is that soon to say, the following months will tell.


Ekiti State Election


The Ekiti state Gubernatorial election has come and gone. It happened over the weekend and it was filled with drama and comical action. From the Former governor putting a rope over a broken neck to support a broken hand to him praying for his deputy to become his successor, to EFCC informing the former governor Ayo Fayose about the billion-naira poultry he claimed to have constructed and nothing to show for it, they would be coming for him less than 24hours after the election; not to forget the bribes given out to indigenes for votes. I hope we do get it right some day in our country if this is an indication then we still have a long way to go. Dr Fayemi was declared winner, let us hope he transforms Ekiti state and not just waste their time for the next four years.


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