Thankful Article…

Thankful Article…


This post is a thankful one. One I don’t do often but I should do often. We have had a lot of not so great news in Nigeria and the world over, some even close to home but that should not stop us from being thankful for the numerous blessings that come, even if it is small droplets of them. You know what they say about droplets making a mighty ocean.

So, I want to start by thanking God for life, health and the loving people around me. I want to thank the readers of this blog, who steadfastly read every single post of the blog; sending me emails, messages on social media to keep up the good work. Those silent readers also that would not say anything till you probably do not write for three days and they ask you what happened. I am thankful that you believe in me even when you do not need to, those that show love even when I do not give them time.

I am thankful for the gift of writing, for the persistence to continue to push my dreams, for my very first novel that was published this year “THE CLAN: REVELATION” and for upcoming events. I am thankful for where I work, for the state and country of my birth and even with all the challenges, we are not at war.

What are you thankful for this beautiful Friday? Wherever you are right now just list one thing you are thankful for, you can write it in the comment section or just write it somewhere.


In Other News:

2017-18 Cleveland Cavaliers Media Day

We await the Quarter finals of the World Cup… Uruguay vs France, Belgium vs Brazil. My prediction is simple, France and Belgium to go through.

Lebron “King” James is a LAKERS player somebody wake me up!!!

Have a wonderful weekend folks.


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