How did our weekend go people? Mine was with a little bit of malaria but I am okay now. This weekend as been filled with surprises, trust me, especially in the World cup. Relax and enjoy the news for today.



As a Nigerian, after what the referee did to us against Argentina, you know I was going to be supporting any team asides Argentina and it being France again, just made my day. Our unofficial sixth African team, the support for France was massive. The youngest team in the World cup after Nigeria against the oldest team in the tournament. France had a task to do against Messi and friends and they had to do it with precision. One man, scratch that, small boy was going to steal the show against one of the GOAT (Greatest of all times) of our generation, his name Kylian Mbappe. He stole the show from the more established stars like Di Maria, Pogba, Griezmann and Messi at just 19years and the best part, his roots have been traced to Nigeria. There is no Jollof like the Nigerian Jollof I must tell you. Mbappe created the first Penalty and coolly scored two. Amazing stuff. Argentina went packing by 4goals to 3 against the African French and Paved also had a wonderful strike, that should be a contender of goal of the tournament.

Portugal immediately followed with another GOAT in the side. Ronaldo was not showed any mercy as Cavani stole the show and made sure Uruguay went through to the Quarter-final. Then Russia, the host won it against Spain in a penalty shootout. The host looked the hungrier side and it showed in the way they played. Spain probably were suffering from the ‘coach hangover’, the one they sacked just two days to the world cup. Croatia finally also followed to make it into the Quarter finals. I am putting my money on Belgium, though in this tournament I don’t know why but I feel it is time they show up.


Formula One

In the Austrian Grand Prix, it all looked set like a Mercedes one-two after qualifiers show faster cars for the Mercedes but it wasn’t meant to be as Bottas did not finish due to engine problems. This also happened to Hamilton, who due to a strategist error, lost the lead and then his engine and for the first time since 2016 did not finish a race. It was a shame because Hamilton had been leading Vettel in the standings and with penalty points deducted from Vettel who started at 6th, everyone thought it was going to be a huge opportunity to widen the gap against the Ferrari cars, but it did not play out that way. Now Vettel leads by a point and we await the British Grand prix to see if Mercedes can race back control only time will tell.


Boy and Tanker

Just few days after the Tanker explosion in Lagos Nigeria, videos emerged of first a boy using a cloth to block petrol from spilling from a leaking tanker in motion in Lagos and another trailer with no back tyre and my question is simple; is there no regard for human lives anymore? Because I still don’t get the rationale of a boy risking his life to get peanuts. If there was a spark, that was it, he would have been wasted or what if he fell off? Our problem in Nigeria is not only the Government, who have their own fault, but we the people have a large chuck of the blame and we need to work on ourselves too. See things not only for our own benefit but for the good of the nation, only then can we truly move forward in this country.



So, through this medium and other social media platform, I have advocated for many who have bothered to read my post to get their PVC. Also, many celebrities and concerned Nigerians have done the same but the real question going into the second half of the year is simple; who are we voting for to lead us if we decide to kick this government out? Let us take several minutes to ponder on that, because we all need a consensus leader that would be selfless and change the institutions that are decaying in our economy. Right now, if one dollar goes back to 180naira it is a great feat in Nigeria to start with.

We hope for a better week and month. Happy new month folks…


P.S Brazil goes through (Latest Update)


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