Nigeria in blood and fire…

Nigeria in blood and fire…


This has been one very tough week for Nigeria and Nigerians all over. The week is not over, and we have been in tears, sorrow, anguish, pain, frustration, insecurity. Our hearts are heavy and our confidence on an all-time low. It is so bad that even we, the smiling and enduring Nigerians, have had enough. We are broken to say the least. From Plateau massacre to the inter community fighting’s and now to the tanker explosion that swallowed up lives and properties. This is a breaking point. It is as if God is reminding us to act and stop standing aloof, it is as if He is telling us He has given us everything to be a better nation, why are we wasting it away waiting for miracles to fall on our laps? Why is it that we are so self-centred in our ways that so far it does not affect me or anyone I know then I am okay, and life goes on. Where is the patriotism, where is the love, where is the will to fight for all that is good, where is the will to change our country for good? We have been sleeping enough people and evil as crept upon us. From SARS, to epileptic electricity, tribal killings, Fulani herd-mens, Boko haram, kidnapping, ritualist, corrupt government and people, poverty, pain, bad roads, break-down of law and order. The list is endless and with every mention, it is like a stab in my heart. Nigeria will only be conducive if we act and do what is right. Rise up citizens of Nigeria and sack this government in 2019 and not just this government but everyone in the senate that as stood aloof and done nothing for their constituent, every Local government Chairman that cannot even make the roads accessible or the drainage system work, those that cannot make the local government safe. It is time to sack those Governors that travel everywhere with tax payer’s money but cannot come out to see their people when they protest, the same people he campaigned and begging for their votes. It is time we stand up united and do what is right by this country or else our story might just be that of South Sudan, our story might be that of “There was a country”. Let us take a minute to pray then go out there and act all day like our life depends on it.

Imagine the man that is supposed to lead us telling us he has no clue as to what to do but entered the race for presidency three times. So, what was driving him to become president all those times?

My question as we meditate on all this, yes, it is a consensus we do not want this Government of the day to continue with us; who then can we back to lead us beyond 2019? Let us ponder on these things and put down our answers and why…






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