I have always been an advocate of stories that inspires; stories of men or women that have started from nothing and made something out of a seemingly hopeless situation and this story of a young man is something of note. His name ROMELU LUKAKU.

His father was a football player but fell into hard times and the family could not feed, they were broke. When young Romelu found out as his mother mixed water with milk, he determined in his heart to make things better for his family and that he did. He worked extra hard during training and decided to outshine all his pairs putting the extra work so he could sign a professional contract at 16 the age his father told him, a player could sign a professional contract. During his childhood because of his big physique, the other parents did not believe his age when he said it and he had to show them his card before they believed. According to him, this inspired him more to score goals and make an impression. It was not always easy, and he had to wear his father’s boot at a certain age because they could not afford boots for him but he never allowed the goal out of his sight. He kept at it and when he was benched for the under-age team, with his promise to make the first team at 16 and sign a professional contract fading, he took matters into his hands and made a bet with his then coach that if he played more regularly he would score a certain number of goals before December that year. He did it before November ended, and at the finals to decide the winners of the league in Belgium, the 16-year-old Lukaku was invited to the first team by Anderlecht where he played in and though they lost, he was given the chance to fulfil his dream. Now Romelu Lukaku has fulfilled and he is still fulfilling his promise to take care of his mother, he is also playing for one of the biggest club in the world, Manchester United; and he is the highest goal-scorer for Belgium with 40 goals. Only 25years of age and Romelu Lukaku still has a long way to go in his career and you can expect more from a man that wants to go down as a Legend for Belgium. Though people have looked down on him and berated him all his life. He has rose up to the occasion and surpassed all expectations. He is our story for the week and a World cup inspiration. We hope to see more of him before the World cup is over though he is currently down with an injury.

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