It had really been a black weekend and I could not bring the news to you yesterday because of the happenings in Nigeria. It is disheartening to read some of the news and report it here and I have just been able to get myself to write this post.

First and foremost, my heart goes out to Dbanj and his wife over the loss of their son who was reported allegedly drowned. It is so painful because just barely a month ago his birthday was celebrated and now this tragic loss happened. My prayers go out to the couple, may the Lord give them the grace and strengthen them to bear this loss. Sigh…

The more I try to believe in humanity the more it gets harder and harder. How would a group of humans with blood running through their veins decide to massacre people in cold blood and they did not stop there but went after innocent children that did not even understand what was going on. It is the height of wickedness and an all-time low. It is so sad that even the government of the day tasked with the responsibility of protecting lives and properties are so slow to react, and even their reaction after such act is so non-existent. We need to be better, we need to act better and we need serious help because those we have put in charge have failed us tremendously. It is time we call on external help to stop this disaster and epidemic ravaging our country. It is time we also look at the nearest future and start voting competence and not tribe or religion or for the short-term gain. It is time we stop all this religious, tribal and cultural bigotry. We are humans first before we knew tribe, before we knew culture, before we knew religion. Let us preach love and show it in our actions. Let us make a deliberate effort to make things right for the generation coming after us.

My heart bleeds for the children massacred in Plateau, may the blood of the innocent fight those guilty for this dastardly act. Wherever you are, take out some time to say a prayer for family members going through pain because of loss of a loved one. Honestly, words cannot console, but our prayers can. It is well with Nigeria.

P.S Hope Nigeria wins later today and give the people something to be happy about, something to unite us and remind us our differences start in our minds, let us work on it and make a change.

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