World Cup stories: Iran and Nike with the L

World Cup stories: Iran and Nike with the L

nike and iran

The world cup is heating up I must say, though it has been few days since it started it has been lively and awesome. But there is one news that came out from Russia days before the World cup started and it is between the Iran national team and NIKE.

First and foremost, let me say that Football is a beautiful game and regardless of color, race, culture, language, religion, it brings everyone together, brings joy and gladness; heartbreak and tears but generally it is one sport that momentarily makes everyone forget their pain, sorrow, class and hunger and gives all a form of bond throughout the period. This is why we love the game.

Nike’s stand was due to global economic sanctions which does not hold water if you ask me and the Coach of Iran reiterated this view.

Carlos Queiroz, who asked Nike to apologise for their actions on Wednesday, echoed his player’s comments following the match and asked for politics and sport to be separated at the World Cup so that “his boys could play football.”

“We train, and we play under bad conditions,” Queiroz said. “No pitches, no camps, no friendly games because of the sanctions. I think it’s my duty to say, ‘let our boys play football.’ They are just football players.

“Let them enjoy football like all the other football players in the world. They are not against anybody or against anything. They just want to express themselves and play football.”

The 65-year-old pleaded for fairness and unity, calling for the sport to be freed from the influence of global politics.

“We are in this World Cup under the umbrella of FIFA and the main value of FIFA it is to put politics apart, but this is not what is going on,” he said.

“It is totally unfair to 23 boys who just want to play football. They showed today they deserve to be treated like all the other players in the world.”


I couldn’t have said it any better, Nike failed me this one time as a brand, succumbing to pressure, what message are they sending to innocent children that follow the game in Iran, what message are they sending to their loyal fans like me that have followed them from childhood and always wanted to wear a Nike made fashion item? What about their motto: Just do it; why was it not ever followed by them regarding this issue? Let love exist in a world where it is easy to hate. Let love exist in a world where political juggernauts want to massage their egos instead of showing love to all. Let us consider that there are innocent people everywhere around the world and it is left to brands like Nike to live above all these politicking and do better, show a better example. Iran against all odds won their opening match, and a friend of mine from Iran rightly said it “WE JUST DID IT… WITHOUT YOU”. Let us remember to show love wherever we find ourselves. Let us be objective first and do things out of merit. Together we can make the world a better place, but it starts with the little things like a pair of shoes.

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