The World Cup Stories: Nacho and his team mate…

The World Cup Stories: Nacho and his team mate…

world cup 2018

It is the world cup season and it is only fair my stories this period would be centered around the amazing show piece, so sit back, relax and enjoy some amazing and “not your regular kind of news” emanating from the world cup and don’t worry, I will not mention that the Super Eagles, though we won the best dressed team, could not get a victory for the nation against Croatia. I said I was not going to mention it lol.

Why is Nacho so important to me? You might be curious to know, the Spanish and Real Madrid player who few nights ago, played for Spain against Real Madrid scored a beauty of a goal but believe me that was not what got to me, it was when I heard that Nacho had been living with Diabetes since the age of 12 when he was diagnosed, that did. Yes, you read right. Nacho, a professional footballer with one of the best teams in the world and several laurels lives with diabetes. He was diagnosed with it at that tender age and was told he could never play football again not until he met an endocrinologist who said in fact exercising was what exactly he needed. He had to take care of himself three times more than others, also check his diet, how he rests and most especially make sure he carries his equipment everywhere he went (Insulin, Monitor etc).


This should inspire you that you can be whatever you desire in your heart to be, you just need to believe. That was a boy that never gave up though he had every reason to, that was a boy that sacrificed it all just to play at the highest level even with a form of disability one that he said, and I quote “I know it would be there all my life- that is except they find a cure. It is like having a team mate by my side.” He has owned it and he is better for it. Let these words inspire you. Let it challenge you, tell yourself against all odds I can achieve great things. You are not disabled because you come from a less fancy background, you are not disable because of one challenge or the other. You are only disabled when you tell yourself you cannot. When you quit, when you give up just because the other person has all the tools to make it. You might not be provided with all the tools to make it but your determination, hard work and persistence will change things around for you. Ask Messi, he had a stunted growth disorder but look at him now, one of the greatest of all times. Look at Ronaldo from the slums of Portugal, put in the work and effort and look at him now one of the greatest of all times. Again, I ask what is your excuse? Fight that challenge that has held you back, own it and let it work in your favour. Yes, you can and yes you must. You owe it to posterity. Enjoy the world cup as I bring you more unusual but inspiring story about the world cup.

P.S That Coutinho strike was amazing, go watch the replay if you have not seen it.

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