Religion and Corruption are Nigeria’s Issue…

Religion and Corruption are Nigeria’s Issue…

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Before I start this write up, let me state here I am a firm believer in Jesus, but I am not a slave to religion. Having said that, Nigeria is a country that has been blessed by God with both natural and human resources, but a minute class of people have decided to set this country backwards. It is so sad that a country so blessed would remain in a stagnant state for so long with no sign of progress, a country where men and women daily break the barriers in different fields and works of life but still all these do not have a positive impact in anyway in our country. Why is this? I ask myself It is simple, because of the leaders we have put in place to lead us both in a nation and in our religious institutions. Do not get me wrong, not all of them are evil or selfish but most of them have turned to rulers and dictators instead of leaders and selfless servants. When Falz released the song THIS IS NIGERIA, many came out to shout and throw fire and brimstone; first stating how he was lacking in creativity and no originality while others came out to say how dare he desecrate their religion or the hijab, a body, MURIC (Muslim Rights Concerned), even threatened to sue and I was in shock, is it that our education is so backward we do not understand the meaning of a cover for a song anymore or was what he said in anyway not the truth, the absolute truth? What rights have been trampled on by that musical video? and was it only one religion that was represented in it? If the body was so passionate about what they believed in why were they not suing the government for negligence of their duties in developing education in the North? Or why were they not rejecting those wheelbarrows given to them by their so-called governors instead of giving them access to free healthcare and education. When does an artistic video depicting the reality we face in our country be the focus of a body that should be protecting the little children wearing the Hijabs, from blowing up themselves. Or can they not gather themselves to sensitize people in making the country a better place instead of pursuing a senseless lawsuit. It is time we face our priorities and call a spade a spade. Let us stop worshipping these politicians and demand our rights from them through our votes. It is time to ask those Senators in the last three years and more what they actually done to impact the lives of their constituents, is it the twitter Senator that has ranted all through the year but has not shown us one thing he has done in his constituent or one factory he has built. Or is it the drama King, cross-party humper of a senator from Kogi that has not shown us one project carried out or how he has helped his constituent just to mention a few. The supposed men of God are not left out, it is time they lead by example and act how the apostles did, teach the people how to work with the hands and brains God has given them and not rely on magic in the name of miracles. And those wolves in sheep clothing busy destroying the lives of young ladies.

If we want a change in our nation, we need to know that hard work, transparency and equity is key. Mutual respect and throwing out of nepotism, tribalism and corruption; is what can move us forward. I honestly would love to see that body MURIC against the Barristers of Falanas. Wouldn’t that be an action movie? Let us stop majoring on minor matters and face the real issue.

Let me come and be going before SAR ask me for my writer’s permit and Identification card.


In Other news, Buhari signed that June 12 be officially enacted as our Democracy day instead of May 29th which is usually celebrated and a post humous award of the highest honour in the land be given to the late MKO Abiola, GCFR. Let that date which signalled the freest and fairest election ignite a passion in our hearts to fight for what is right and come 2019 vote our way out of stagnancy.

May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria and its citizens.


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