Do that which you have always wanted to…

Do that which you have always wanted to…

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Hi everyone, it has been a wonderful weekend and I would not want to ever forget it. Still fatigued from the experience but it was a good fatigue and I will never forget the amazing experience I had, It was also my birthday on Sunday wawu!!! It feels good to sometimes take out time and enjoy the finer things of life. A little serenity, a little holiday away from the noise, a little pampering and a little adventure. In as much as you put in the whole work, take time out to rest, not taking out time to doing other stuffs that are work, but truly taking out time from it all, which for me would be writing, working; and just let your body, soul and spirit relax and soar to a place of serenity. This life is too short to work so much for money only to see time pass you by and then use all the money to take care of your health, but at every point in your life you deserve to rest. You owe it to yourself to take time off from everything and truly rest while doing it at a place of fun.

I would also suggest at some point in your life you travel out of the environment you have come to know and experience another culture, another tradition, another way of life and maybe another country. It would liberate your mind, make you see things differently, taste a different kind of food (no matter how awful lol), make you see another way of living and make you feel alive not just in a niche that you have come to know but in a broader ecosystem. This is the best feeling.

do all that you wanted to do

Finally, like I have always preached here either you are young or old, it is never too late. Follow your dreams and make an impact in your world. Do that one thing that would make you happy, go for that adventure. Don’t be too quick to want to grow up, enjoy every moment and second you have in the present responsibly while planning the future. Follow your dreams even if they sound stupid to the world, that is why it is your dream not theirs. Even if you must work for a company, never let your dream die, instead let that inspire you to achieving your dream. Let every salary have a share for your dream in it. Be happy, meet new people and most importantly show some love, follow your heart while not forgetting your head.




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