I read somewhere to be thankful in all circumstances (easier said than done) but to be honest, it is the absolute truth to see the good side in everything that has happened or will happen to you. Few days to my birthday and it is amazing the growth that has occurred. It has not been smooth sailing from my last birthday up until now, but I am thankful, and I will just mention a few.

I am thankful for my life and the family God put me in, they have had a solid and positive impact in my life. I am thankful for the few years I had spent with my dad, just yesterday one of his numerous advice came to mind as I was about to sleep, “Tobi, go and check all the doors, you will be the head of your home, you should make sure all the doors are locked before you sleep” P.S I used to hate doing that back then. I am thankful for my siblings, while one taught me how to get my ‘issh’ together financially, materially, budget wise etc; the other taught me how to have fun while not neglecting my duties (you both can figure out which one you fall into lol). I am thankful for friends that are in my life right now and those that their chapters have ended. God bless you all. I am thankful for the successful writing and publishing of my first book, THE CLAN: REVELATION, it was an amazing ride and it taught me nothing is impossible if only you believe and put your mind into it. It might tarry at times but wait and remain persistent you will surely overcome.

I am thankful for Bae, sometimes you doubt if true love exists and boom! it just happens. I am thankful for health, just a trip to the hospital would open your eyes to a lot. I am thankful for the times I had to wait patiently for the things I asked for (trust me it is the hardest times, though it eventually happens it doesn’t change the fact when you cannot see the end from the beginning you get frustrated. Lord I am sorry for the grumbling I might grumble just a little bit more *wink*). I am thankful for the blog, it has been a wonderful ride, started it a little over a year ago and it has been amazing, thank you my Editor-in-chief, you know yourself. I am thankful for everyone that has read this blog one time or the other. You all have kept me writing even when I have felt the need not to, or the inspiration doesn’t just seem to come or when it seemed boring for me lol. Thank God for the gift of life as I clock another year because what you have for me planned in the new year is greater and better than what I have had this year gone by. For everyone still looking for one thing or the other, still feeling pain one way or the other, remember He makes all things beautiful in His time, hang in there and don’t even give up for anything. If you need someone to talk to, you can send me a mail.

Stay thankful.




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