This One is for the Children

Happy Children’s day

twin girls

I have been wondering what I would write about yesterday being children’s day with all the hopelessness currently in the world and nothing seemed to inspire a write up till I looked at my niece and the joy when she asks a question (a couple more like) or the innocence in her actions and it makes me believe again. Makes me want to hope afresh and this write up is one of hope, one of duty and one of assignment to us all. These are my thoughts.

The children are the joy of today and the hope of tomorrow. Let us not fill them up with our hurt, pain, regrets and failed dreams, instead let us encourage them to be the best they can be, guide them in the right way to go, be there for them even in our ever-busy world and create just enough time to grow with them. Show them what true love is, not by words alone but by actions because children watch our every action. Answer their many questions consequential or inconsequential. Let them be raised in love, give them access to education and the right to live right.

Also, it is time we begin to create a world we want our children to live in and be proud of. It is time we sheath our sword, stop the racial, religious, tribal war and create a world that is all inclusive. One where a child is not judged by the colour of his skin but by the content of his character, one where every child is given equal chance to make it and do great. It is time we contribute our quota to making the world a better place. Avoid those sly comments degrading a race or tribe. Let both the boy child and girl child learn the value of respect, humility and hard work. Teach them that there is no short cut to success, hard work, God and persistency pays. Teach them about contentment, while aiming for the top, enjoy every stage. The world can be a better place for the little innocent, sweet children and it takes all of us to do so. Happy children’s day. God bless you all.


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