Deadpool’s voice “I Present the News… Kisses!!!”

Deadpool’s voice “I Present the News… Kisses!!!”


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Something new and exceptional is coming soon, a comic strip for Nigerians by Nigerians just in time for the world cup. It is called STRIKE ONE. Tells a story about a young boy finding his feet in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria and how he follows his dream through the leather game to mingle with world stars of football.

The first episode would be premiered right here on the blog and we are honoured our platform would be the first to carry such work of art. It promises to be seasoning hot!!! amazing and a good read. #Anticipate #StrikeOne #Tobylandblog


deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 is out people oh yes! and Ryan Reynolds is bringing the hit to the party, you should go see this hilarious, yet mind-blowing movie which would make you laugh hard and still brings the intensity home. Do I hear time-travel? Do I smell a link to a possible event clash with Avengers? You would not know, if you do not see it…. “Jose! Jose!! Where is my drink with my Deadpool crested bottle and popcorn yeah? See you at the Cinemas.


NBA FINAL: Eastern and Western Conference


The final was set for both conferences, in the West it was between Golden State Warriors; the defending Champion, and the Houston Rockets. Amazing start to the Conference final with Golden state taking the lead in game one but Rockets were not going to lie down and let the Warriors roll them over. In game two, Houston came back beating the Warriors 127 to 105. The third game Curry came out smoking with the warriors and defeated the Rockets to lead the series 2-1.

For the Eastern conference, the Cavaliers were up against the Boston Celtics and everyone gave it to the Cavs to easily get past the Celtics but that was not the way the script was written. The Celtics came out smoking and won the first two games in the series which shocked everyone, but the experience of Lebron James’ Cavs began to show from game three, taking both game three and four, letting their experience show. It seems the Cavs are fully awake let us see who takes it at the end of the series. I will be closely monitoring this one.

GOTV Max Cup

The Gotv/Laliga partnership brought in the reigning and recently crowned Europa League winners, Athletico Madrid to Nigeria. The Madrid based team did not only come, they came with 80percent of their first team especially those that would not be making the World cup with names like Fernando Torres, Oblak, Apartey just to mention a few. They played against the Super Eagles Team B side which comprised a mix of both locally based players and some international player that did not make the world cup squad. It was a thrilling match that ended 3-2 with a spectacular goal from the Nigerian, Usman Mohammed for the second goal. Fernando Torres was also on the scoresheet. The players deserve some accolade for this beautiful display of football.


Spiderman: Homecoming 2

spiderman 2

It has been announced that next year Mysterio would be the supervillain to face Tom Holland’s Spiderman and it would be played by Jake Gyllenhaal in the MCU movie.

The movie would air next year, and we cannot wait to see the trailer. Stay back and relax for more juicy stories.

The Royal wedding…

Royal wedding

Everyone has done justice to the Royal wedding between Meghan and Harry, so I will not over flog it. Let me just say, simplicity is beautiful and to add, never ever let your background, current situation deter your dream. You can be or achieve whatever you put your mind to, only believe.





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  1. . “You can be or achieve whatever you put your mind to, only believe”- this is so true.
    So i watched Avengers last week, i will definitely be seeing Deadpool 2 soon.


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