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Avengers: Infinity War Review

Avengers: Infinity War

avengers 1

Thanos I have kept the silence enough. I have kept mute regarding reviewing this great movie. I have been a loyal fan of Marvel, but it is time to let the cat out of the bag. Let’s start with the summary of the movie without revealing much.

It started from where Thor left off with his movie, the ship in which Thor and his people, the Asgardians including Loki and Hulk were heading to Earth and Thanos came for one of the stones beating the hell out of Hulk, Thor and Loki before Heimdall (Idris Elba) came to the rescue of Hulk, Loki ended up dying while Thanos got the second stone, after this part I knew my emotions were never going to be the same again. Thanos wanted all the stones so he could control those that lived and those that died, he wanted to play god so that the population of any race wouldn’t destroy the race just the way it happened to his planet and he was helpless to do anything. Gamora had to die in the hands of Thanos when he wanted the soul stone which required the life of the one he loved the most. Also, after Dr. Strange saw more than Sixteen million possible outcomes of how the battle could end, he said there was only one way the avengers could win, which he never spilled. Even with a well-conceived plan, that almost worked in removing the infinity gauntlet, Star-Lord ruined it all when he found out his girlfriend Gamora was killed and this led to Thanos stabbing Tony Stark and almost ending him before Dr. Strange gave up the time stone. Finally, we got to see a glimpse of Wakanda were the emissaries of Thanos came for the stone on vision’s head. Black Panther was not going to give them a chance. Black panther with his tribe soldiers, Captain America, Bucky, Romanov, Falcon, War Machine, Scarlet Witch and Bruce Banner had to feed off the onslaught from the emissaries. They fought gallantly and bravely, till Thor came along. Thor who had met the Guardian of the galaxy in space where he was left to die by Thanos, rode with Groot and Rocket Raccoon to the famous dwarfs who wielded weapons for the people of Asgard, Thor’s people, but found the place desolate but one who was left. The dwarf told him how Thanos made him forge the Gauntlet to help harness the power of the infinity stones and then killed all the dwarfs except him. Thor helped restart the factory after encouraging him to make one weapon that can destroy Thanos, Thor almost lost his life trying to direct the power of the sun of the planet to start the machines to forge the weapon, and before he could die off, Groot helped with a stem to wield a handle for the weapon and gave Thor. Thor was reborn and appeared in Wakanda to help and his entrance was superb. To cut the long story short and avoid a total spoiler, Thanos won by snapping his finger and half of the world went out, including Black Panther, Spiderman, Dr strange, most members of the Guardians of the galaxy and before Samuel L Jackson went, he contacted Captain Marvel.

tony, peter, strange

My take on the movie, after 10years, it was finally a climax that gave all emotions rolled into one. It was a bumper package from laughter, to anger, to pain, to anguish, to sweet relieve and then confusion and ending in sadness with a not-so-complete feeling which would make anyone eagerly anticipate the next Avengers. Oh, what a rush! Thanos was a villain you would love to hate or hate to love. He was genuinely sad, totally committed and concerned about his people, was bitter about the outcome and powerless to do anything, so he sought power, so he could never feel that way again. He got his wish but was he happy after all said and done? What about the Hulk, the chicken of the movie, a character that went from hero to zero in one movie, from the strongest Avenger to the whipping Avenger. Even Banner was badass. but if there is any emotion stronger than anger it is fear and Thanos beat the living day light out of him and installed fear in its place. The Hulk didn’t want to take control even when Banner was willing to allow him that was a first lol. Tony Stark would probably die of guilt after losing Peter Parker, but we all know Tony Stark has a major part to play in the next Avenger for Dr. Strange to have willingly given up the Time stone and stopping Thanos from ending Stark means that one scenario the Avengers win is centred around Stark in a way. Where was Antman and the Wasp when all this was going on? Why didn’t Captain Marvel also show up when Thanos was kicking all their butts? Hawk-eye, c’mon the fate of the world was hanging in the balance and you did not come out of retirement? The Russo brothers do have some convincing to do on why the other superheroes were absent, we await patiently.

avengers 2.jpg

Before I write a full novel about this movie let me just stop here. Forget everything I have written #ThanosDemandsit and go and see this movie, you would thank me later for it.

I rate it a FIVE star out of a FIVE!!!! Marvel you rock, DC Comic take a que please and learn..

P.S Groot called Rocket Raccoon Dad! Can you believe that.. Okay! Okay!! I am leaving lol.. bye…




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