BE You!!………….. Do You!!!

BE You!!………….. Do You!!!

do you

I watched a movie yesterday and I was just excited. I will be doing a review on the amazing movie, but I had lessons I learnt from it which I would love to share with my ardent followers.

When people talk down on you, your dream, your potential or the level you are temporarily three things most likely would occur. You either use it to spur you for success, you let it get to you and quit even before you get the chance to start or even before you make it and the last one is it gets to you so much that even when you have achieved success you want more, you want to have more, you still don’t feel accomplished because you have let those people or their words own you. You become enslaved to them consciously or unconsciously and most of the time it never ends well because you forget to enjoy and live in the moment, instead you try to seek validation from those people ruining the hard work you have invested, time, money, sacrifice just to mention a few.

We must also understand that in life people are saddled with their own dreams, their own responsibilities and their own understanding. Not everyone would understand your dream as much as you would, not everyone would have the passion, the drive and what you intend to achieve like you would. Of a fact many would hate you, but you cannot blame their myopic mindset, the instinct of man is to be better than his neighbour, it is a selfish one only few can really be selfless; Forgive them anyway… Even those that truly care sometimes might not see what you see doesn’t change the fact they love you and would go the whole ten yards for you; Be Understanding towards them anyway… Sometimes friends you have started with would have to leave you to either follow their own dream or just for the fact that their time with you regarding your dream has ended; Love them anyway….

What am I trying to say in all of this, Life is too short not to follow your dream, what is the worst that can happen? YOU FAIL… There I have said it, but at least it was for something you enjoyed and loved so much, what if you succeeded have you thought about that? No one would carry your dream in their head the way you carry it on yours (unless you get to meet an Angel in human form though). Follow your heart, find satisfaction, be happy while at it and know in the end, only you can make it work and when it finally does you can inspire the generation coming that they can be whatever they want to be if they only BELIEVE!!!

It is that time again, pick that Pen up and write again, get that pencil and sketch again, paint again, Go on that vacation, start that clothing line, go to the studio and record that song, develop that app, crack yourself up with that joke, climb unto the ladder of the cooperate world and stand out, start that business and become your own boss. It is in you.. Be You…. Do you… The world is waiting to celebrate you…..

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