A Letter to Cyberspace Fraudsters and their Apologist

A Letter to Cyberspace Fraudsters and their Apologist


Dear Fraudsters,

Are you surprised I call you by the real names you are? come off your high horse and don’t try to brandish it any other way. Let’s call a spade a spade, you are fraudsters and criminals and in this new era we shouldn’t sugar-coat it.

How do you sleep well at night knowing that you defraud people of their hard-earned money all over the world? How does your conscience not judge you of such dastardly act you carry out every day? I am aware some of you have even sold your souls to the devil to get rich quick to what end please? To pop champagne bottles more than the next guy at the club, to drive the latest cars that would become antiques in a year? To carry the finest babes in town and have the choicest things in life? Is that all there is to life? Some of you claim the country is so bad, the government have failed us, those elected into power have squandered the money meant to provide jobs and all, but would you allow someone’s evil ways make you the same monster you have preached against in time past? Some of you have come up with the perfect excuse that you had to help your family one way or another and you had no choice. I can categorically say life offers us choices and the time, energy and even money invested to get back instant gratification shows that you did have a choice and if you probably had channelled that same energy into something legitimate you could also have made it.

I have few questions for you, how would you feel if you were at the receiving end of such frauds? All your family members’ hard-earned money gone in one moment? How would you feel if a loved one was used for such an act to make money? There is no justification of your actions and you all are no different from arm robbers and every known criminal out there. Armed with your gadgets and being cursed if not in words, in deeds for those that mourn and grieve in silence. To be totally honest with you, it cannot end well for those that go down this line, no matter how long it takes, the consequences of such actions always catch up with you. My advice, it is not too late to change your ways and go legit!!

For the sympathizers, you should all be ashamed of yourselves! You claim to want a better Nigeria but the same things that we should fight against is what you sympathize with, two wrongs will and can never make a right no matter how you paint it. What is wrong will always be wrong. I hope one day, you or a loved-one gets defrauded, so we can better see how sympathetic you would be afterwards. If Nigeria is going to be better, then we better start standing up for what is right, not shouting down those that are bold to whistle blow on what is wrong and not take sides with what is evil just because others are doing it and getting away with it or because some people are benefitting from it. You are as wrong as they are when you support them.

Together we can all make Nigeria great if we stand for what is true, what is right, what is noble and what is just. God bless Nigeria, God bless Africa and the people that live in it.


Yours Faithfully,

A concerned upright Nigerian.









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  1. Had to cut off some old friends that got themselves involved in fraud. Cant be moving with thieves. How do I teach my kids the right things then?


    • We must be the example we want as a Nation, we must secure the future of our children, we must be the shining light and teach those looking unto us that what is wrong cannot be celebrated…. We must be the change we seek.. T21


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