Kanye West: Genius or Madness

Kanye West: Genius or Madness


So, Kanye West came out from his self-imposed exile from social media and we thought all was well with him, probably he was trying to spend time with family or recuperate from the breakdown he had a while back.

When the news filtered in regarding an album in the works and a set of shoes to be launched in his collection (which by the way has been doing amazingly in the market), many were expectant. To be sincere I had lost faith in the man called Kanye from his numerous meltdowns and his last album, which to me wasn’t up there among his great albums. Many blamed it on the death of his mum which I would choose to agree and disagree with, you would know why shortly.

Let me state before I go on, these are purely my opinions (just like Kanye said) and some may like it, others may not but I would suggest we are all objective about it.

Now the man Kanye went on a rant about Blacks having a choice when it came to slavery, that they were more than the white men that enslaved them and could have broken off if they wanted to, for over 400years and when I heard this from him, I knew this was not a genius speaking, this was not an opinionated person speaking out of being enlightened or knowledgeable. It was clear this was pure ignorance born out of madness (if I am permitted to use that word). Yes, greed from the black man, got the black man enslaved according to what a friend of mine P! wrote on twitter, but those sold did not have a choice, those that were born after them where owned by the plantation owners, those children did not have access to education or the right to free thinking. The only way they knew was the master’s way and nothing else. Many of those men and women were beaten, strangulated, raped, starved, drowned, burnt alive and all sort of horrible things were done to them. Till this very day, we see racism playing out all over the world even with the level of enlightenment and exposure, it has not gone away. We see a human being not seeing all as equal but feeling superior and enforcing himself on others he considers inferior. We see unwarranted killings and non-aggravated murders by white policemen, touts, teenagers and extremist on coloured people and even the President of the United states calling Africa a ‘shithole’ and with all these Kanye still felt the black people had a choice, openly supporting Trump. It just goes to show the unstable nature of a man once loved and how low he has sunk. All those calling him a genius are doing him a serious disservice, to me he needs help quickly, someone that felt the need to go under the knife to carry out liposuction because he did not want people calling him fat, the height of low self-esteem, got addicted to drugs and that is the genius some people still see. I hope for his sake he finds help and finds it quick too. This is not the words of an opinionated man, but words of a man that has lost it.

If this is also an act to cause controversy so his album and shoe collection can sell, then he is more pathetic, self-centred and cold-hearted than I imagined.

The lesson I have learnt from all this;

*Never look up to man, we are humans for a reason, we can fail. Take the positives and be your own self.

*The kind of relationship a person has makes or mars that person (The Kardashians, no man seems to have walked into that family and prospered; I know some people will come for me, but it is the truth if we are to be honest). People will say you can have a mind of your own but believe me, once you stay too long with someone, the persons personality begins to rub off on you and vice versa.

*Don’t let’s take Social media so seriously and highly that we forget to show real love and concern in real life. Many people post just the side they want you to see, which is most times great on social media, while they suffer deep down from depression, pain, self-esteem, anguish, bullying, trauma to mention a few, reach out to people and truly show concern.

*No matter the fame, riches or fortunes you acquire, never forget your humble beginnings, never bite the fingers that fed you or raised you up and never forget to give back, because someone gave you the opportunity.

I love you all and let this inspire you.










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