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I was advised to watch this movie by a friend, though I was a little hesitant about it, Dwayne Johnson and most of his movies always seem to have the same line to me; the big guy saving the little guys and at the end of the day becomes the hero and I did not expect anything less, this was slightly different though, the big guy saving the bigger guy and getting saved in return and saving the state; this movie turned out to be and I was glad I watched it.

Johnson played the character of a Primatologist who was formerly in the military, his name Davis Okoye (an Igbo name, the name was featured in Black Panther. Seems Africa is beginning to take its rightful place after all). Davis in the movie was not a people person but had an incredible bond with animals especially with an albino Gorilla named George who was intelligent and knew sign language. Everything was alright with the world till boxes dropped from the sky and George was one of the victims of the gas that escaped from the box. It was later discovered the boxes contained Genetic editing of the DNA that made animal and even humans aggressive, strong, grow rapidly and even transform. George began to grow rapidly in the morning and Davis alongside his assistant found out he had killed a Bear. They tried to contain George, but the chemical was stronger, and a series of event started to play out. Davis had to team up with a geneticist, Kate who was the lead scientist during the research of this failed experiment without her knowledge. It was also discovered George was not the only animal mutating and being altered. The company in charge in trying to cover their tracks sent a signal that called the animals to them with the intention of letting the military end them but the animals where growing rapidly, and the heavy artillery seem not to be working on them anymore.

To cut the long story short. They got George an antidote which stopped the aggressive side of him, Davis and George then fought the mutated flying Wolf and huge Crocodile to safe the city. They came out on top.

My take on the movie. It is action packed, interesting and funny a times with George the Gorilla. It also as loads of destruction and believable actions too if I must say. Nothing major when it comes to twist, but it gives you the right thrill up until the end then drops you gently down with a good laugh after an almost teary ending.

I would give it a three star out of five and encourage people to watch it. Though I still wonder how Okoye is some white dude oh well we adopted him, that is a first sha lol.

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