This is the news for the week, but first and foremost, let me say happy new month to all, happy worker’s day to everyone that has woken up 4am to go to work only to return 11pm just to do it all over again. To those mothers that sacrifice it all just to give their children a conducive home, to all the fathers that sacrifice time, energy and money just so that they can give their posterity a fighting chance. This day, we celebrate you all and my one prayer is this; May our nation be in peace and be conducive enough for us to prosper in. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Keep Fighting, keep winning.


I have seen Rampage and Avengers: Infinity War but I have promised Thanos he has my silence and the fact that Doctor Strange sifted through 14million possible futures and saw only one outcome where the Avengers won and did not still give a spoiler even when the team asked, who am I to do such a thing (One more week and my review goes live anyways lol). Expect something on Rampage though.

Formula One


The Venue was Azerbaijan, the teams fighting for it was Ferrari and Mercedes with Red bull having an outside chance. The Mercedes still have so much issue with their cars and it is showing in the qualifiers with Hamilton and Bottas struggling but the latter doing way better than Hamilton the defending champion.

Ferrari had the advantage, but fate had the final say. The race was on a crash at the beginning of the race brought much debris on the road that same debris was going to play a vital role towards the end as the Mercedes took the first and second position with Bottas leading, in the final lap he got a punctured tyre and Hamilton won it for the Mercedes throwing the championship wide open.

Dino Melaye’s Recall Fails

The purported recall by the people of Kogi state of Senator Dino Melaye representing them has failed as the number required for a recall was not made. The Senator is still at the hospital though receiving medical attention under the watchful eyes of the Police who are investigating him. May God help our nation.

President Trump and Buhari


I saw the interview of both Presidents at the White House and the only thing I can say is, for once Buhari spoke after thinking. Though Trump called us corrupt (which is not a lie) and condemned the killings in Benue and of Christians (which is also on point), this does not change the fact we are the only people that can effect change in our Nation, if we truly want it we better go for it and not delay.

UEFA Champions League

Real Madrid are through to the Final of the UEFA Champions League after defeating Bayern Munich through aggregate 4-3 after drawing at the Bernabeu 2-2, we await the result of Roma vs Liverpool, do I see another miracle by the Roma army, I would not mind another classic to be honest if you ask me, I love the underdog story.

Benue state

Our prayers and hearts go out to the people of Benue and Kogi state who are regularly killed by the so called “herdsmen” we can only pray that those in charge of securing the lives and properties of Nigerian lives would have a change of heart and stop playing politics with the lives of its citizens and do what is right. Let’s keep praying for our darling country Nigeria.


Something Big is coming #STRIKEONE… You heard it here first

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