Our “Not so Honourable” Senator…

Let us start the news with our ‘video dancing Senator’ as BBC refers to him. Dino Melaye has been facing trials and tribulations recently after being arrested, his troubles started from him angering his constituent who he has abandoned to say the least. The process of recall then started and INEC confirmed the recall against all odds when he tried to block it. Thinking that would be all, some armed robbers and political thugs were also caught in Kogi state where he comes from and they accused him of being their benefactor, supplying them with ammunition and money. Then came the drama of a jail break by same robbers. Senator Melaye ignored the Police invite for questioning, a warrant for arrest was later obtained from the court and thinking the Senator would be honourable enough to follow them after getting a warrant he decided to jump out of a moving police vehicle. He was taken to a hospital and cuffed to his hospital bed.

My question is simple? What is he running away from? Is there a skeleton in his cupboard? Why should we sympathise with someone that is being paid millions and not doing a thing for the constituent that supported and went out to vote in the sun for him. A man that once he entered office never looked back or cared about his people, decided to show off riches, tax-payers sweat, and even going as far as featuring in music videos. I really do not sympathize with such a man and this is a cry to everyone to vote dedicated, hardworking, selfless, passionate and patriotic people into office. Drop the tribe and religion and vote competence.


Ambode’s Visionscape…


His Excellency, Sir Akinwunmi Ambode, we greet you. Lagos is not doing all so good, let us be honest. Your Visionscape idea has failed woefully and we are about to be swallowed by refuse everywhere. Go back to status quo, go back to the Fashola style of disposing garbage and making Lagos clean again. Also, our health system is horrible for an envisioned Mega city. You have been building roads everywhere and causing so much traffic trying so hard to beautify the whole state and make everywhere look superficially great but a nation without good healthcare system or educational system is not so great at all. I have been to LASUTH and LUTH and they are an eyesore, there is no form of advancement or improvement and these are just the teaching hospitals in the state, what about the General Hospitals? I would have suggested we convert the helipad to a building well equipped for patients. 2019 is few months away, Nigerians are aware! Lagosians have eyes!!






Avengers: Infinity War is OUT NOW!!!


Avengers: Infinity war is out today. Asides the private screening, it officially gets to all cinema today and it is amazing. I have not seen it but trust me when I say it would be an emotional rollercoaster. If you are a real fan and you have followed the franchise for 10years I would not be surprised if you shed a tear or two with those actors that have become a part of our lives, those that we have come to love, and cheer just die off (Maybe). Please watch it and rate this movie above Titanic. DC Comic will be dulling, you guys would need a cataclysmic movie to turn our attentions to you and when all is said and done, and we think Marvel just made us climax, Deadpool 2 would be out and the rollercoaster ride would start all over again lol.


Kanye West….

Kanye Kanye from house WEST stop heading SOUTH with such nonsense you call opinion. You got NORTH looking up to you, we don’t care about the publicity stunt you trying to create or probably the album you are about to release because right now, second hand products from the EAST seem more authentic than your bag of lies. *drops mic*


UEFA Competitions

The first leg of the UEFA Champions league was played on tuesday and wednesday, while Liverpool ran away with a win against Roma 5-2, Real Madrid went away and won against Bayern Munich 1-2. If you ask me I feel Roma can continue their fairy-tale journey and get to the final, a Real Madrid vs Roma final would be my ideal final. Dreams still come true.

Over to the UEFA Europa League where Marseille beat Salzburg 2-0. Athletico Madrid got a vital point to Arsenal at the Emirates 1-1 though they saw Red. In a weeks’ time we will definitely know who the finalist is in the UEFA Champions league and the UEFA Europa league.


*Get ready for the Manchester United vs Arsenal Match this Sunday at Old Trafford. It promises to be entertaining just like the first leg.


In Other News…

kim jong un

Bill Cosby has been found guilty and he is definitely going to jail.

History was made when the President of North KoreaKim Jong un met with the President of South Korea and crossed the line seperating both countries. Amazing feat, I hope this brings lasting peace to the Koreans in general either North or South.


*That would be all from me, enjoy your weekend and remember to show love not hate. Be good to all and respect everyone and their views even if you do not necessarily agree with it.





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