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As the title implies you should already know what to expect from the movie. A group of guys with military background and also ex-convicts come together robbing banks in Los Angeles, the heart of Bank robberies. This crew had overseen so many bank robberies that they were the All-star team to catch. The cops knew them but had no evidence against them. Then it so happened that an empty armoured trunk was stolen and the cops, were led by Gerard Butler’s character Big Nick, could not phantom why the all-star robbers would go for an empty trunk. Where they fast slipping up? So, they decided to investigate and go for the “supposed” weak link in the group, Donnie. They got Donnie and interrogated him the unorthodox way and him their inside man.  Ray Merrimen and Enson played by Pablo Schreiber and 50cent suspected Donnie working for the cops, Donnie told them the cops had come to hassle him but he did not tell them anything. So Donnie was then told to feed the cops exactly what Merrimen wanted them to hear.


The last big mission was the Reserved Bank, no crew had gotten past the lobby of the bank, the security was amazing, anyone that stood outside the bank was picked up by the camera and his facials run on the database. If the person stood for more than a certain minute security would come ask the person to leave. It was top-notch security but Merrimen seemed to know what the operations in the bank and when Enson asked him how he knew all of that, he wouldn’t say.

Long story short, not to ruin the movie for anyone, they got into the bank using another bank robbery as decor, got the money into a garbage trunk or so it seemed and were almost home free, when the overzealous cop, Big Nick got to them and it began to rain bullets. The cops before then had caught Donnie and cuffed him in the car. When they had killed the whole crew, Big Nick came back to the cop car and Donnie was gone, even the money was gone.


My review of the movie, this was long overdue. Something fresh, different and also entertaining, the den of thieves gave me that, it was almost like you wanted the bad guys to win with the way the movie went. I had began to suspect a twist when Merrimen would not say his source and when Donnie kept popping up everywhere acting like the dumb member of the crew but his shifty eyes kept me suspecting. When I saw the exchange of garbage trunks, my alarms went off the roof, not many would have noticed that but I did and that twist was amazing. Never ever underestimate the supposed small guy. He made sure he planted himself in the team, looked like the weak guy, and had his own team within the all-star team. He was the source of the information, he had gotten over the years or months working close to the Federal Reserve Bank. He played both the cops and the thieves, and I was impressed. He ended up with the money and left for London to plan out another robbery heist.

I would rate the movie a 4 star out of 5 for being different. I like movies that do not end the cliché way, that brings the extra. The planning and execution from the crew was amazing, the wardrobe too was good, and everyone dressed his or her part well. The cinematography was also on point. The only place I might have had an issue with was after Big Nick got shot in the hand, how he still managed to use the same hand to shoot still amazes me, but I would forgive them for it and call it a flesh wound. If you have not seen it, please go ahead and see it.

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