I hope this piece brings closure to those who seek it. I hope it also reminds those that have abandoned their parents due to work stress and life stress, remember life is too short so create memories with those you truly love because a time will surely come when those memories are the only things we would hold on to. Don’t go chasing after the money and forget family or love… ENJOY!!!



Driving home I felt your presence with me, it was so strong like nothing I had ever felt before, I was all alone but I could feel you beside me. You had appeared to many in their dreams, but it seemed you had been holding back on me. I asked why? But I could feel you smile at me. It was amazing how the memories flooded in, the advice you gave me and how proud of me you were. You seem to be telling me not to take life too seriously or be too hard on myself when I make mistakes, because everything was going to be alright. I tried to hold back the tears while the words of the song crept into my soul, with every note emotions I thought I would never feel again exploded through me. I had been numb for so long and sometimes I felt guilty, like I did not care enough or did not feel your absence like the rest but this particular night proved different when the doors of tears opened up, and the popular saying ran through my head, “A man is meant to be strong, he is not supposed to show such emotions. A man shouldn’t cry”. I did not care about the world’s cliché, it was my time to grieve, and it was my time to finally feel closure. It was time to pour those emotions out and take a go at it. I was swept away by the emotions, lost in the tears, relieved by the presence of you there. I parked and let it all out, time seemed to go by without notice, moments we shared played back in my mind and then your words where clear, “you are a man now, you have come a long way from the little boy I use to know, love and spank. You can be much more than I was. Avoid my mistakes, learn from my shortcomings and always remember family is key. Serve your God with all your heart and make sure to live a happy life, a fulfilling one, one that is equipped with you achieving all your dreams. I will always love you son. Now you have to let me go and stop holding yourself back”. The tears went on, I thought it would never stop, I tried muttering words to him but the only ones that seemed to be audible was ‘Thank You Lord…’ Yes, I thanked God for my DAD. Thank you for making me the man I am today. I love you and would always keep your memory alive. You keep living on in me.

Writer: Anonymous

 Happy Anniversary to The Funshos and Adesinas….

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