I was going to review the actual movie THE MAZE RUNNER till Nigeria had to usurp it with an action park twist of our own. This was not acted by young men in their field of service but by men in their seventies, sixties and fifties that have refused to retire and leave the stage for the young and vibrant. Men that have called the youth lazy and skill less but have refused to provide jobs with their policies or leave the scene for the younger generation to have something to do. It is amazing and so painful to see that a senator, someone regarded to be honourable and selfless, would do such an act so selfish for his own good. Why would such a man, that has in no way helped the constituent that queued in the sun and rain to vote him in, just so that he can be in office to neglect the major reason he was elected and to go around disgracing his family all in the name of an action movie. The older generation have failed us! even our President, someone who is meant to be gracious and a defender of his country and his citizenry, called the youths of the nation “lazy”. The same youths had campaigned, rallied and spent their money to make sure he is elected into government. The main question should even be, what has a generation being lazy have to do with a government providing basic amenities like electricity, clean water, good roads, housing, infrastructure, heath care, clean environment and creation of job opportunities just to mention a few. So, our supposed laziness is the reason the government has decided to punish us with non-performance and this same man wants the same youths he termed ‘lazy’ to vote for him again?  ‘Wawu!’ Please can we all be lazy enough not to vote for the Buhari-led government, so we can prove Mr president right.

The same older generation that termed us ‘lazy’ featured in the unbelievable drama where the ‘Mace runner’ went down the stage, grabbed the mace, ran towards the exit and fled the premises while the security of the upper chamber watched on even as he passed the main gate, and no one questioned him, and we think we are still operating in a sane society? Far from it my people. Just like the Movie, the politicians and rich have oppressed the poor, segregated those that have nothing and have sacrificed many just to fulfil their selfish agenda. They have won over some sympathizers with lies and deceit buying them into their folly.

Wake up Youths of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and take your destiny and future back!

Get your PVC and drive out this party the same way we drove the APC!

I am tired of the ‘mace runners’ and the ‘change’ agenda.

Let us vote competence, vote the right senators that would remember the constituents and not those that only engage in twitter banters; let us vote those that would work for the states and not those that would use it to further their acting careers.

Let us vote Governors and a President that is capable and not those that would give us ‘stomach infrastructure’ and sabotage our future or those that would peddle change and fights against corruption but would be selective about it and their change just a virtual reality or better still a change for the worse.

May God deliver the Federal Republic of Nigeria and its Citizenry…

P.S News coming out says the Mace has been found (Like we care hian!) and that calm Senator in the picture be like “I cannot come and kill myself, if Tobi could stand hours of rants from CeeC who am I not to take one for the team. lol.





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