unsafe road


On Saturday I called a friend of mine to check up on him, it had been a while we had seen though we chat. He told me he was travelling for a wedding and we even joked about how he loved to travel and how I detested it a whole lot especially by road. We joked and laughed, and I wished him a safe trip. Imagine my surprise when he called me back hours later that he had turned back, in shock I asked why? He told me were robbed along Ikene road in broad day light. This was between the hours of 8am and 10am in the morning ooo! I was lost for words, and I asked myself how this can happen in broad day light. What has my nation degenerated to? He told me the robbers had come out of the bushes with weapons and the haste with which people were reversing cars, hitting each other and some running out of their cars to save themselves was like an action movie. The armed robbers went through every car and stole valuables after chasing off those in the various vehicles.  Should I still be surprised with all these? It is Nigeria and it is not new! But the real question is should I be accustomed to such a lawless act? With the different agencies we have, these things shouldn’t be happening. Sadly, they are.


It is about time we hold our government more accountable. It is about time they invest in our country. It is time they build infrastructure, create jobs, make our health sector better, make sure the agencies tasked with the job of protecting lives and property are well funded, properly equipped and the bad eggs removed.

It is possible and together we can do this. It is sad this happened to my friend. This sect could lock down the Federal Capital Territory and no agency would have anticipated their coming, all the way from Kaduna or they turned a blind eye. According to sources in Abuja, they are well funded to carry out their activities for a lengthy period and the government is not doing anything about it instead the peacefully led BRING BACK OUR GIRLS campaign groups and the Charlieboy led group were attacked.

Oh well! Time will tell where we are headed. May God help us all.



*Thanks Doris…




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