The News: Manchester City crowned Champions/ Beyonce rocked at coachella


manchester city winners

After a disastrous week gone by Manchester city needed a response, after loosing to Liverpool twice thereby exiting from the Uefa Champions league and then getting beaten at their own Fortress the ETIHAD stadium to their bitter city rival Manchester United. They had to go to Wembley and get a positive result to go one step to lifting the trophy and they did just that with goals from Jesus, Sterling and Gundogan against Tottenham Hotspur. With that victory they needed an impossible task from the 20th team in the premiership who had not won in a very long time against their bitter rival who had not lost in the premiership at Old Trafford to any team asides them (City). But like a well scripted fairytale West bromich Albion did the unthinkable and Jay Rodriguez got the winner and stunned fans of United, making Manchester city the winners of the 2017/2018 English Premiership Champion. The real question for United would be to either stick with Mourinho or find someone else but who? That would be the million-dollar question. For now Manchester united would try to save face and win against Tottenham by the weekend in the FA cup for a chance at the FA CUP final for the season to be considered fair but if they are beaten they the season would have been a total failure. Congratulations Manchester city you deserve it.


In other footballing news, the German Champions Bayern Munich meet Real Madrid in the semi-final of the Uefa Champions league, while Liverpool meet the Roman Gladiators. For the benefit of my personal friend, I would go down to the Europa lol. Arsenal meets Athletico Madrid wouldn’t that be an amazing game of football and did I mention Diego Costa plays for Athletico now. It promises to be amazing.



Buhari declares His intention to run for a Second term


Would I say it came as a shock that the present President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is running for re-election. Muhammadu Buhari though wasn’t the first to break the news that was done by the present Governor of Kaduna state, El-Rufai but Buhari confirmed it from his Abuja home in London where he has gone for a rest or is it medical checkup. I for one if not for anything, he should not run because of his health. The strain of running a nation as Nigeria is demanding and tasking to a man but for a man of his age and with a record that is not great healthwise the wise thing for him to have done is quit. My second reason is simple he has not performed in his first term and I really don’t see him doing any better in the second term if and that is a big IF. If he goes ahead to win the election. If he has advisers, this would be a great time to advise him to step down, but it is Africa they never want to relinquish power till they die there or are forcibly removed. Get your PVC people and vote wisely it is time to save our country, it is either now or never. 2019 elections are no longer far away.



Oluwatobiloba Amusan became the first Nigerian to win the 100m hurdles at the commonwealth games with a time of 12.68seconds. She won it and did the Nigerian latest step; the Shaku and we are all excited. The Nigerian team finished the games at the Gold coast with 24 medals; nine gold, nine silvers and six bronze medals.


A good one for the lads, it could have been better, but we at least got to see the twenty-year-old Amusan (My namesake if I must add, I am very proud actually) do something never before done and for that we are very proud of her feat.



The shaíite group shut down Abuja

Reports reaching me from Abuja states that the popular sect from Kaduna stormed Abuja and have been there for a week now, they are protesting the release of their leader and seem they are actually funded to stay a long time. No action has been taken yet by the agencies, I would not compare this to the bring back our girl’s campaign that also protested peacefully but the agencies rough handled or the Charlie boy group that demanded for the president to resign or return and where teargassed. I will keep you all updated.



Beyonce over the weekend served a spectacular performance at the Coachella concert. It was two hours of amazing spectacle from the Queen herself. She brought up the Destiny child, JayZ also performed alongside his wife and then a tribute to Fela was epic and the dance routines where on another level. She was simply amazing and it was all done live the singing, choreography, instrumentalist and all. This is a lesson to Nigerian artist we are tired of all the playback that is not what a live concert is all about. Our artist need to step up their game and become better. Shout out to Wizkid by the way, who was suppose to come on stage after Beyonce, He had issues with Visa for his band (rolling my eyes, always the same excuse) though the invite had been sent for a very long time.


P.S We have not forgotten Leah the Christian girl who the Boko Haram group did not return with the other kidnapped girls in Yobe state due to the fact she refused to deny her faith. Our hearts and prayers are with her.


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  1. Manchester United delayed the title to give them the title. Bey performance sparked up an unwanted debate who is greater between herself and MJ, we all know it is MJ, there is what we call the MJ effect, it is an excessive chanting of a person name till point of pass out that’s how great MJ is. Wiz kid daddy yo’s absence didn’t go down well a with people especially Nigerians, but baba claimed he had issues with visa, which has focused for the second time now to add more to it when Wiz kid first post about the event on Twitter in Jan a fan replied by telling him to make visa arraignment on time to avoid having issues guess he didn’t see that. I think he applied Nigerian late preparation mentality to it that is what caused him. Nice one T21 keep writing


    • Manchester united sha sigh…. Beyonce there is no words but she is incomparable to MJ the King.. May God help us and the African effect… T21


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