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Pacific Rim Uprising

Pacific Rim: Uprising

 Pacific Rim Uprising

This movie is a sequel to the first one acted by Idris Alba. John Boyega was the lead character in this one. So after humans successfully chased the monsters Kaiju back and sealed the hole they came from at the center of the pacific ocean all was right with the world, Jake Pentecost played by John Boyega once a promising Jaegar pilot then abandoned his training to a live of crime not until one of the scientist was discovered to be influenced by one of the aliens started another chain of destructive events. He had already built drones for the aliens who in turn tried to open up the sealed hole, so the Kaiju could come out. They successfully opened it and allowed three of the kaijus come out before the drones where shut down and then Jake was given another opportunity to redeem himself. Jake with his team had to fight the monster, kaijus before they got to an active mountain and destroy it which in turn would pollute the whole earth. To cut the long story short, the villains where destroyed and the heroes won against all odds.


My Take on the movie. The story-line was poor and reminded me of Transformers, John Boyega did a whole lot to make sure his character was entertaining and that did good for the movie but nothing exceptional could be pinpointed in the movie. The costumes, cinematography and heavy metals where good though but some parts where not believable to be honest, like creating a whole lot of drone machines and adding alien tech into all of them without anyone knowing in the factory is far fetched. A whole lot could have been done though. I would rate the movie a two star out of five. Sorry Boyega i am a big fan but I feel the movie was not just right for you and your talent.


I cannot wait to watch Speilberg’s “Ready player one”

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