So yesterday I read and listened to a supposed moral Professor who wanted to sleep with a young lady for marks on social media. It was so sad that those that are mandated with the task of instilling knowledge into a generation are the ones scarring them for life causing a ripple effect in the society that would persist for generations yet unborn. Why would a Lecturer carry out such an act threatening failure to pass a student and carrying out those threat is just preposterous. The story brought out many speaking about how they had been also sexually harassed and had to be failed over and over, while others who could not come out because they succumbed to the pressure. It is time we put a stop to all this, it is time people like this face the music and justice be melted on such act. The lecturers have wife and children, how would they feel if one of theirs faces such? Do they know the lives that are being affected by such an act also? Though the school authorities have come out to say an investigation would be carried out, but it is beyond reasonable doubt the evidence and I hope it is swift, if you ask me the young lady should be compensated and if possible if the script can be gotten remarked and scored by an independent lecturer. In Lagos I read there is a body SERVICOM that fights for those that find themselves in such situation and we need other active body in other states to follow this act.


This is also a cry to our generation to do better. To be better in our conduct. To show our children the right way and values. To lead by examples not just by words. To discipline the children and not spoil them. To teach our male child how to respect his mother and his sister, how to assist in the kitchen and run errands, how to cock and look after his sisters, how to respect ladies all around the world and how to be a gentleman in the true sense of it. Also, to teach the girl child how to be independent and value herself, how not to look for validation from anyone especially the opposite sex but how to be enough for herself and have a good self-esteem, how to always speak out and stand for what is right and the act of respect for the man too.


Yes, we have faced a lot in our generation, but it is our duty to show the generation coming after us that they can be better and what we have been through, lived through does not have to affect them negatively but help them to be better. May God help us all.



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  1. I heard it too, supposedly revenard asking for sex five times just to give out a E grade, completely sad. I think the ladies too are kinda of architech of their own woes in sense that ladies have always use their physical appearance to gain access to restricted place or achieve what it quiet difficult to achieve. Student should face their studies despite having fun, we all went to school and hard fun but the trick is don’t get carried away. Studies is a student’s top priority in fact number one failure to achieve excellence would result into such.


    • A man or woman’s actions should be held independently regardless of how the other person behaves. I am of the opinion that regardless of how the ladies dress or flirt or try to get their way, the man should be able to stand by his believes and do what is right and if he thinks she is indecently dressed, tell her to leave the class or his office. Let us stop the blame game and be responsible for our actions. Even the Holy Book says we should flee this kind of temptation. He was wrong and we should teach our sons to be better… T21


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