The New ( InfinityWar/ Manchester derby/ New money )

The New ( InfinityWar/ Manchester derby/ New money )

 It is a new week let us get it started with style…

AY Makun’s daughter stealing the show

Michelle makun

While looking for content for the news for this week, I stumbled on a video of Ay Makun’s daughter Michelle who was invited on stage to play the Piano. It was amazing, and she ended it by playing 2face’s award winning song AFRICAN QUEEN. It was amazing and thrilling to see all the hard work she must have put into it paying off and her parents also being very proud of her. Now I know my child will learn an instrument and if he or she wants to take after her daddy with the writing then it would make my day.




 manchester derby

You did not think I was going to let that go did you? The Manchester derby, when the REDS visited the CITY.  All City needed to do at the Etihad stadium was win and they would have been crowned champions against their city rival. That would have been humiliating for the red half of the city, a bitter pill they would have to swallow and one that would not be forgotten for a very long time. But the script writer seemed to give a twist, one that was masterfully written. The first half belonged to the champions in waiting running to a 2-0 lead and all hope was lost for Manchester united. I would not lie I gave up all hope. Ferguson looked frustrated and disappointed and we will not even go into Mourinho’s mood. The second half started and Pogba came out smoking with two quick goals and Sanchez orchestrating plays and before the match was over Chris Smalling the villain in the first half quickly became a Hero and scored the winner, another Sanchez assist and the whole city was at a stand still before eruptions could be heard from the red half. It was truly a tale of two halves and United took this one. A delay in the champions lifting the trophy by a week in which they could have felt another heartbreak in the champions league in the hands of Liverpool. Only time will tell.



The stage was Bahrain and the contenders where Vettel and Hamilton, but sad to say things quickly went downhill for Mercedes team when Hamilton had to change his gearbox during the practice which meant a penalty grid point five places behind the position he finishes in during qualifiers.

Hamilton finished 4th and had to start in 9th place but Hamilton is no champion for nothing. He ran the race with determine, style and grit and ended the race in third place. Though Bottas could not make a solid challenge to win it against Vettel just goes to show just how average a driver he is, let’s just hope Mercedes can start winning unless Ferrari would run away with the championship.


Avengers: Infinity War…

avengers poster

It is just 18 days away and we cannot wait, Marvel’s Avenger: Infinity war is going to be showing at the cinemas. The thrillers are already showing, and it already looks amazing. The latest one just got to me and I just had to watch it over and over. The part with Tchalla and Okoye was out of this world, read the conversation. “When you said we were going to open Wakanda to the rest of the world this is not what I imagined”, “what did you expect?” “The Olympics, maybe even a Starbuck”.



P.S Go ahead and watch New money it is a lovely movie and you would thank me later.


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