Humans and Freewill…

     Humans and Freewill…

civil rights

Weeks ago, we read about the kidnap of the Dapchi girls from Yobe state, Nigeria. Many said it was a scam by the government of the day to gain political points, others accused the opponents of the present-day government, a large majority thought it was a show being put up; but whatever it really was the lives of innocent children where cut in between this mess and we prayed and hoped for their release. We thanked the Lord that they were released eventually, all except ONE. One of the girls reported that Leah was not released because she refused to denounce her Christian faith. This got me thinking deep. With all the technological advancement in the world and great strides man has made from the time of the cavemen it is so appalling to see the mind of some set of humans as not developed alongside. I weep for a world where people are still stuck to their believes without respect for others and their believes. A world where a man is judged by the colour of his skin and not by the content of his character. A world where Love is the religion and not killing for brainwashed misconceptions. A world where a man regardless of background, tribe, culture, continental representation is respected and given his due right in the commonwealth of nations.

Everyone has the right to religion and not be forced. Everyone has a right to respect. Everyone has a right to life. Everyone has a right to be shown love and be loved. No race should be termed superior to another or labelled evil for the sin of one. We need to overcome this hate all in the name of religion or differences. We need to know we are humans first before we are differentiated into tribes, continent, colour and all. I am Human, and I totally respect every human out there and what the Egyptians showed when the Muslims surrounded the churches on Sunday and the Christians surrounded to protect the Muslims when they prayed on Friday is the act and religion of true love. God is LOVE and if we cannot show our neighbour love then do we really serve the True God, or we are just self-serving?… Let us ponder on this…


We continue to pray for her release….


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