Anthony Joshua Wins Unifying Fight… (News)

Anthony Joshua Wins Unifying Fight… (News)

 champion joshua

Happy Easter everyone and welcome to the New Month. Amazing holidays so far. Let us take out time this period to rest (someone once told me sleep is for the weak, that is a lie oooo… Sleep is very much-needed for good health don’t be deceived), to catch up with family and friends, to have fun responsibly and to live. Over to the news

Anthony Joshua

Over the weekend Anthony Joshua beat Parker to win the IBO, IBF and WBA Heavyweight Belt. He won it by all three judges card after there was no knockout being the Unified heavyweight champion of the World. There was really no doubt though that he was going to take it to be honest though the match was boring, and the referee did not allow for the match to flow much. The question now on everybody’s lip is? Would Joshua take on Wilder who has been all over social media asking for a fight. Joshua answered by saying YES!!! But it would have to be on the champions terms and in his yard, which is fair. So, it is race against time, for the promoters to sit down and agree on terms, on cash out pay and all the paperwork’s while we the fans sit down here enjoying the build up and hype. We cannot wait. Congratulations Anthony Olufemi Joshua for the 21-0 record with twenty knockouts in those twenty-one victories. Amazing.


The Fortress in Chelsea seems down

chelsea fallling

I watched the Match between Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea on Sunday and the question that came to mind was, what is going on with Abramovich’s Chelsea? Before Conte came in everyone blamed Mourinho for the huge decline of Chelsea after just winning the league a year prior but with Antonio Conte it seems new life had come to the team and they deservedly won the League again but this season with the same Conte it seems the same old story is playing out again, the steady decline of the team and with the lose at Stamford bridge to Hotspur who had not won there in twenty years or more it all but confirmed our fears. Is the Owner broke? Or has he lost interest in the club? Because it seems Conte has complained about getting players in and they managed to bring in second grade players in Rose Barkley, Drinkwater and Giroud that hardly started for Arsenal. In the coming days we expect Conte to leave the Blues (it would be a miracle if he doesn’t actually). The Mourinho who was blamed sits pretty in second of the Premiership. At the end of this season we will understand fully but if you ask me, I think it is time the management of the club allowed a Manager fully take reigns and not just impose players on him if they want Chelsea not to go the way of Liverpool in those days. My humble opinion.


Saraki in Presidential race…

If news from Dele Momodu is to be believed, then the Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is going to be entering the race for the Presidency sit. Simple and clear really. If a man that was in PDP and did not move the country or his state forward, became Senate President had allegations upon allegations with evidences against him in court for not declaring all his assets and then his case mysteriously dropped. One who is also friends with Dino Melaye that has taken us for a ride and has not shown the grandeur or excellent attributes of a Senator or done anything for his constituent (no wonder they are calling him back). Not forgetting the fact, he came into APC and still nothing has changed. I don’t think he deserves to run this nation. He has not shown anything useful to suggest he will be a good leader and his track record doesn’t even help his case. My suggestion is simple let’s look for someone else. I will even gladly take a Buhari to him that is the plain Truth.

Now in the race we have Fela Durotoye, Buhari, Atiku and now Bukola Saraki. May God help our nation. Get your PVC and please go out there and vote wisely.


Don’t eat your future with your Present

c invest

Finally, some advice for the day, as the headline says don’t eat your future with your present people. Invest in your future. You don’t need to eat all your salary to prove you are big, invest some for your future, for your family for the children, for old age. Investment brings multiplication while savings brings interest and trust me that interest is little not to add inflation and all. Stop being lazy and get out of your comfort zone. Invest in Insurance, invest in farming, invest in stocks and businesses that can yield profit for you. Also Understand the business you are going into it is very important. Something on this soon…


Have a great April, A great week and a great day….

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