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tomb raiders 2018


So, another year, another Tomb raider with a twisted script of adventure and bravery and the constant is always Lara Croft who is the heroine of the movie.

So down to the Tomb raider of 2018 which was played by Alicia Vikander, I won’t compare her to Angelina Jolie, no I will not be tempted to lol.


Down to the story so Lara Croft an independent young and rich lady decides to survive on her own after years of looking for her father to no avail. The last task was to go find a supposed Empress who was termed a witch, who could kill thousands with a touch of her hand. Mr Croft wanted to find the tomb the Empress was buried first before those that had evil intention found it and use it for evil intentions.


Lara’s aunt had urged her to sign the document to official state her father was dead and on the day she was supposed to she found a puzzle her father left her which took her to the family house she had not been in years and found a report where her father instructed her to destroy every evidence of the adventure and live her life but as a Croft she decides to go after the clues and finds herself on the island where the Empress was buried. She also discovered her father was still alive and the bad guys also searching for seven years for the tomb site. Lara helps them find the actual place and then opened the cave to save her father. They go through different obstacles and mazes and get to the Empresses’ body where they discovered the empress carried a deadly virus which she only she was immune to and one touch from her and anyone that made contact became infected. They also discovered she was not evil, but she organised she be buried so she causes no more harm to the world. The summary of the end was that Lara got away destroying the body and cave with the help of her father who was infected with the virus and after signing the papers she discovered her aunt was the one sponsoring the search for the body of the Empress.

tombraider 2018 2.jpg


My thoughts on the movie. A nice movie nothing captivating or intriguing to be honest, the end could be predicted from the start and there where no major twist to impress any viewer. Also, Lara’s character was given super human strength like seriously a metal goes through someone and she conveniently removes it and the blood flow was next to none. She also seemed to heal real quick and walked past the fall scene like it was a pin and not a full metal that went through her skin. Even the way she climbed the mountain was something (rolling my eyes).


I would score it a two out of five… It is not so bad and something you can go watch if you are bored at home with extra cash to spare. Besides I warning from a fan of Tomb raider, don’t make the mistake of bringing out your movie after a major movie like #BlackPanther… Just saying lol. Have a wonderful weekend people!!!

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