I must say for a fact Lagos state in Nigeria is the best and fast developing state in the country of Nigeria there is no contest about that. The building, the scenery, the landscape, hangout spots and a place for business. Everyday something new is popping up, in summary it is a state of vast opportunities regardless of the size compared to other state.

But in as much as many things are working in the state of Lagos which we should celebrate, many other things still call for concern and as a responsible citizen it is just fair to call them out, so the government of the day can do something about it.


I commend Ambode, His excellency the Governor of Lagos state for trying to construct new roads and make Lagos look more modern but I have watched for a few years of his first tenure now and I can say for a fact the Governor is majoring on the minor and I will explain.

First and foremost, Lagos is dirtier than it has ever been in a long time and it is so coincidental that it became so dirty when the governor changed those in charge of handling the cleaning of the streets. Many have called it a political move to enrich some loyal to him while others have said that sector needed a revamp, but which ever it is, Lagos is suffering from the change because the dirt and filth has tripled, and it is just an eye sour to behold.

Secondly, the Education and Medical sector have so suffered and this is one aspect that should see new life. What is the point of having amazing roads if we don’t have educated minds to know the road signs? What is the point of having so many General Hospitals scattered around the state and only the General Hospital in Ikeja (Lasuth) seems fully equipped, of which it is highly understaffed, no spaces for patients and the nonchalant attitude of some staffs calls for some deep thought, I cannot even blame most of them when they are not well compensated there would be no zeal to serve. So what is the point of having all the other General Hospitals if they cannot be fully equipped and Doctors paid very well so they can carry out their duties. What is the point of beautifying the state if you cannot boast of a good health care system that is affordable or an educational sector that is viable. What is the point of the Helipad when there is not enough space to even get patience beds. How many patients can even afford the helicopters, i felt a bigger building would have been better than that show called an helipad if you ask me. This is me not just writing from hearsay I have experienced all this first hand and it is appalling to say the least.

Then the government of the day with the Economic hardship in the Land and 70percent of citizens leaving below a dollar in the country, you go on and increase the Land use charge for home owners without considering that this landlords will also go ahead to increase house rents, it is their houses afterwards they have the right to do what they like with it since you are taxing them. This is asides the tax they pay at work ooo and not forgetting the Toll gate fee which would also affect transport fare. Really if this is the kind of money I would have to pay to get just beautiful roads (that would probably not last one rainy season) please quick we don’t want biko, we are very okay with things now without adding to our burden. If the Educational sector was working fine, Lagos was generating power itself (which is possible if it wants to), the health sector is working amazingly and every General Hospital close to you is fully staffed and equipped (with children and the elderly getting free treatment) all these levies wouldn’t be the monster it is now. You cannot put the Cart before the horse Sir. We are still trying daily to recover from the immerse traffic due to the simultaneous construction of roads (which to me is disorganised, I feel they can finish one part and then go ahead with another), please do not add to our burden biko. We have not forgotten the Mile2 to Badagry Mega road construction, I wonder when that road would even be finished that Baba as started another one next thing we will hear it is the Federal Governments Project Anyways Eko Oni Baje oooo!!!!


2019 let us all vote wisely sha for a better Nigeria is my own!!!


P.S I would be doing a bonus Post tomorrow 24th of March 2018, the review for Tomb Raider, please you can open the blog from 10AM and enjoy my review…



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