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So, while typing for my weekly blog I stumbled on a movie on Ebonylife TV; THE ARBITRATION, to be honest when I started watching I wasn’t so interested because I am not much of a fan of Nigerian movie, why? Because the quality and dept in script writing isn’t at the level it has the potential of being and more money still needs to be spent to compete favourably with International standard. But this movie blew my mind. So, the movie featured Ireti Doyle, OC Okeje and Adesua Etomi (Now Mrs W). It was different from the normal kind of movie, reminded me a bit of Facebook’s movie, probably took a hint from that but it was still amazing.


The Movie was about a lady; DARA who was suing the CEO of a company; Gbenga for alleged rape. It spiralled down to the fact they had an affair, she was the brain behind the company growing rapidly and even helped in sealing a contract and helped getting sponsors to help the business. Now the CEO played by O.C was married though he was not in love with his wife, he did love Dara. But the love of his company was also strong. He suggested a deal with his investor that Dara stayed seven years before she got her 30 percent share he promised her but withheld this information. When Dara found out Gbenga’s wife who he had told her he would divorce was pregnant she left him, and his company and he also got vindictive and acquired the company she went to, but he did not want her back. The movie ended with her getting her shares back and her having the ability to either become CEO, sell the shares to another or to Gbenga, but she loved Gbenga and he had feelings for her too, life just happened to both of them. Did he really rape her? According to the end it looked untrue. But she was wise and won the case.

The movie was interesting, intriguing. Showed a side of office romance that could be harmful in the long run if things go south. It also showed human emotions that cannot be ruled out in dealings, decisions and resolutions. Ireti doyle was spectacular as a lawyer she reminded me of Pearson in Suit, OC as Gbenga was amazing also and brought the character to life. Adesua did not also disappoint.


Some things I did not enjoy though they could have gotten sponsorship with a bottled water company even if it was going to be for free than make the bottled water look ordinary (it wasn’t looking professional). They could have used a better office setting also. The story of Fatima the typist or is it clerk also shows the choices people make, sometimes poor.

I would rate it a 3 star for a Nigerian movie it was great. Let me state this is an international standard rating, but you would love every second of it though.

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